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Questions to be answered for economically active persons only (if looking for a job or on lay off from a job, turn to page 7)

5a. For whom does he/she work? ________
(Please fill in name of company, business, organization or other employer)

b. What kind of industry, business, professional practice, school or other institution is this? ________
(Fill in, e.g. factory of steel windows, accountant's office, grocery, doctor's practice, primary school, secretariat of municipality, home for elderly people or the like)

c. What department (branches) does he/she work in? ________

d. Is the industry or institution he/she works for owned by the government, a province or municipality, an ecclesiastical organization, a corporation, a private person or the like? ________

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Question 5b [Industry]
Describe the kind of company as accurately as possible!

Not metal company or machine factory but heater, agriculture blacksmiths shop, metal turner, construction company, motors for ships/boats, agricultural machinery factory or such.

Not clothing company but personally made clothing company, male clothing factory or such.

Not merchant company but flower wholesaler, flower store, street- or market merchant in flowers or such.

Not construction company but house construction company, brick contractor, road construction company or such.

Not installation company but technical electrical, cooling technical installation firm or such.

Not transportation company but truck-, touring cars, - national navigation (ship industry) company or such.