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21. What activity has (the person) performed in the past week?

[] Worked- Go to #2
[] Did not work, but has a job- Go to #23
[] Helped a relative- Go to #23
[] Looked for a new job- Go to #23
[] Domestic- Go to #22
[] Looked for a job for the first time- Go to #27
[] Served the FADM- Go to #27
[] Studied only- Go to #27
[] Retired/ reserve- Go to #27
[] Was unable to work- Go to #27
[] Other- Go to #27
24. What kind of activity is executed in the place where (the person) currently works at?

Activity executed: ________
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Questions Only For People With 7 Years And Older

P24. What kind of business is held in place where you usually work?
Read the question and then write the specific name of the company's main activity or institution in which the interviewee works or activity that the respondent performs on your own.
Keep in mind that:

People who have stated that the P21 sought new employment should indicate the activity they were familiar in the place where they worked last time.