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[Questions C1-27 were asked of persons who live in their households on Census Days.]

For person aged 10 years and above (Date of birth before/on 14 of August, 1981)
[Questions 18-27 are asked of those who lived in their households on Census Days and 10 years old or above.]

[Questions C25-27 were asked of persons who worked at least 1 hour during the 7 days and had a job to return to. (Yes was chosen in Question C18 or C19.)]

C26. Industry

(a) What are the activities/services/product of your place of work? (Describe in a few words.) ________

(b) What is the name and address of your employer?

(i) Name of employer ________
(ii) Address of employer ________

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Questions C18-C27

General Guidelines

Who should be asked?
(i) These questions (C18-C27) should be asked for persons aged 10 years and above, that is, those who were born before or on 14 August 1981.
Refer to Question C5 to find out the date of birth. For persons whose birth dates are 14 August 1981 or earlier, Questions C18-C27 must be asked.
If no information is provided for C5, refer to Question C6. For persons who are 10 years or more, Question C18 - C27 must be asked.

(ii) For Questions C25 and C26, if possible, obtain the information from the household members directly so that more detailed information may be given.

Reference Period
The reference period for Question C18-C27 refer to the 7 days prior to the day of the interview.

To determine the reference period, refer to the calendar provided in Document 7 (Thank You Card).

If the interview was conducted on 15 August 1991, the information required should be based on the period 8-14 August 1991.

Question C26
[The enumeration form is not presented here.]

To find out the "industry" for person who worked during the last 7 days before interview.

Industry refers to the economic activity of the working place of a person. This includes agriculture, manufacturing, mining, services, etc.

How to ask the question
To obtain complete information on the industry at the place where a person works, two questions should be asked, that it:
Question (a)
"What are the activities/services/product of _____ (member's name) place of work?"
Question (b)
"What is the employer's name and address?"


How to record the answer

Question 26(a)

State clearly and precisely the activities/services/products of the place of work of the respondent.

Whenever possible explain in a few words, for example:

i) Factory that produces rubber shoes.
ii) Sewing clothes in own house.
iii) Repairing cars in own workshop.
iv) Selling food in coffee shop.
v) Selling food at "Night Market".
vi) Making furniture in factory.
vii) Planting paid in own farm.

Avoid using general terms such as manufacturing, selling, agriculture or production.
State industry for occupation which has been recorded in Question C25.

Question 26(b)
Obtain an answer for this question if the respondent is an employee or employer.
This question need not be answered for cases where the respondent is own-account worker in agricultural sector, such as gardener, rubber taper, paid farmer, etc.

Note: Examples for answers to Questions C25 and C26
To assist you in recording the answers to Questions C25 and C26 clearly and accurately, some examples are given as references on pages 155 and 156.

[The table of examples of occupation and industry which are commonly found in the urban area is not presented here.]