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36. Business, company, or workplace activity
What is the activity is performed where [the respondent] works? (Makes wooden furniture, makes brooms, fixes cars, sell clothes, assemble televisions, etc.)

________ [record the name of activity]
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35. Business, company, or workplace and 36. Business, company, or workplace activity
These questions identify the business, company, or place where people worked the week before the interview, as well as the job duties in them.

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Note that a list of workplaces appears in the first question, if the answer corresponds exactly to any place circle the corresponding code; otherwise record textually the answer on the lines of "elsewhere". If the person does not have a fixed place to work, record the most frequent place indicated by the person. Avoid making translations or reinterpretations.

Once identified the business name, company, or place where the person works, apply question 36 "business, company or workplace activity" to know the job duties performed by the person, the products or services offered by the person and the type of economic activity done by him/her. Record the textual answer and avoid translations or reinterpretations.

When you get the name of the workplace and the activity performed by the person is obvious for yourself, only confirm your guess with the informant. For example:

Interviewee: "Store of iron bars"; Interviewer: "Do you sell iron bars?"; Interviewee: "Yes, I do"
Interviewee: "Bakery"; Interviewer: "Do you bake bread?"; Interviewee: "Yes, I do"

When the answer is very general so it does not allow you to identify the specific activity of the company, business, or workplace, request more detailed information; for example:

Interviewee: "I do repairs"; Interviewer: "What type of repairs?"; Interviewee: "I repair computers"
Interviewee: "I make furniture"; Interviewer: "What type of furniture?"; Interviewee: "I make wood furniture"