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For persons twelve years old or more

17. Type of activity in 1969

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Type of activity in 1969

Column 15

To write down the answer to the first question, remember the following rules:

a) When dealing with a business, establishment, company, agricultural or livestock farm, or private office, write down their complete name. Examples: Mexican Aviation Company, The Palm Ranch, Universal Electronics, Iris Optical, The New Medal, Inc., The Mansion Hotel, etc.
b) When dealing with a governmental agency, write the specific name of the dependence or institution. Examples: Mexican Social Security Institution, Public Works Secretary, State Treasury, etc.
c) When dealing with an agricultural or livestock farm or common farm without a name, write "livestock ranch" or "agricultural common-farm," depending on the case.
d) When the person works in a private home, as in servants, cooks, washpersons, etc., write down, "private home."
e) In the case of some seamstresses, washerwomen, people who make food or candy in their home by order or for sale, who work in their own homes, write: "works in own domicile."
f) For people who work for themselves in the street (washing cars, traveling salesmen, dancer, newspaper salesmen, etc.), write: "in the street."

In cases not predicted, write what the person tells you.

The second question is very important. Read it out loud and with the greatest clarity: what does this company, business, or institution dedicate itself to?

Read the examples out loud as well.

This involves writing what they dedicate themselves to; what the individual (if they are self-employed), establishment, business, or company in which they work, produces or sells, or what services they provide.

Draw a diagonal line in the place of the answer to the second question of column 17, when the answer to the first question is:

a) The name of a governmental agency, except in cases of institutions of teaching of the Secretary of Public Education.
b) "Private House."

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Examples of answer to the two questions in column 17:

First question Second question
Where did you have your principle
job or employment in 1969?
What did this company, business,
or institution dedicate itself it?
1. "Orient Wood" Furniture company
2. Livestock farm Raising and selling of wool livestock
3. "Rosita" clothes store Clothes sales
4. "La NorteƱa" tortilla makers Sale of food to the public
5. Private house