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Persons aged 10 years or more
[Questions L through O were asked of persons age 10 or older]

m. Economic activity - activity status (during last seven days) ____


Mlimi (subsistence farmer)
Family business worker
Self employed


1 Worked before:

1A: Seeking work
1B: Not seeking work

2 Never worked:

2A: Seeking work
2B: Not seeking work


Home worker

If active or unemployed but worked before, state:
[Questions N and O are asked of persons who have ever worked, as per question M]

o. Industry ____

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71. The classification of a person's industry is based on the nature of the product or service provided by the organization for which he/she works. For example, those persons who work in a bakery are in the "food manufacturing" industry whether their occupation is that of manager, cook or night-watchman. In the case of people who provide a service, for example, a dentist or barber, you should give details of their industry or describe their type of work place (that is "dental clinic" or "barber's shop"). In the particular case of a dentist or a barber these details are obvious but in the case, for example, of persons working in these places as "cleaners", it is clearly not sufficient to write merely "health" or "shop". Note that you should not give the name of a person's employers to describe their industry. However, in the case of Government employees you should give the full name of the Department/Unit, for example, Fisheries, National Statistical Office, Post Office Savings Bank and not merely the name of the Ministry, e.g. Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources, Office of the President and Cabinet and Transport and Communications.

72. If in doubt, always give sufficient detail. A guide for classification of activities in different industrial group is given in Annex pages 37 to 39. This annex, however, does not include the names of different government departments which you are required to write in case of government employees.

73. Other examples of occupation and industry would be:
(a) A man may be a driver on a farm in which case his occupation is a driver; and his industry is agriculture. Another men may be a driver in a factory in which case his occupation is driver and his industry will be the industry in which the factory is engaged e.g. if making clothes -- clothing industry. Similarly, a driver may work for U.T.M. in which case his industry is transportation.


(b) Similarly it is possible to have people who do the same kind of work in one organization and yet may be in different industries, examples of which would be a clerk working for ADMARC which has different industries, e.g. Agriculture, Trade and Transportation. In such cases you will have to ask in which section or department of the organization the person works. Where you have doubt as to the proper industry of a person, treat the main activity of the organization as his industry.

(c) On the other hand, some people working in different organizations may either belong to similar or different occupations but to the same industry group. Examples of such cases are as follows: a civil servant working as an accounts clerk in the Department of Personnel Management and Training; his occupation will be accounts clerk while his industry group will be public administration and defense. One who is working as a security guard in the same department; his occupation will be protective worker and his industry group will be public administration and defense. A policeman working as a driver will have his occupation recorded as driver and the industry group as public administration and defense. However, the occupation of an ordinary policeman who does not have other specialized duties other than security would be recorded as protective worker. Similarly, in the case of Army personnel, an officer working as a mechanic will have mechanic as his occupation and public administration and defense as his industry group. A private soldier working in the infantry as a rifleman will have his occupation recorded as protective worker while his industry will still be public administration and defense.

Persons age 10 years or older

Questions from (l) through (q) should only be asked to persons who are age 10 years or older.

(0) Industry: Write the actual industry in which each person is or was working and columns 40-41 should be left blank. Use the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) provided on pages 37 - 39 as a guide.

Remember that the question on industry applies only to those who are "Active" or "Unemployed but worked before" and should have reported an occupation. Write N/A (Not applicable) for all those to whom the question on industry does not apply, i.e. those "Unemployed but never worked before" and those "Inactive".