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The following questions [questions 29 through 34] refer to the person's work during the reference week Monday 27 June to Sunday 3 July 2011. If the person is retired or had no job during that week, answer for his/her last job. If the person has more than one job, answer for the job at which he/she worked the most hours. [For persons aged 12 years and older]

P30. Kind of business, industry or service ____

Write fully the kind of business, industry or service activities carried out at the person's place of work. Use precise terms such as sugar cane cultivation, sugar manufacturing, car repairs, primary education, etc.
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6. Population census topics and their usefulness

P30 - Industrial activity
Kind of business, industry or service provides information on the number of people working in each industry, and coupled with other data, assists in the analysis of the growth or decline of industries and their employment prospects.

8. How to fill in the Population Census Questionnaire

P30 - Kind of business, industry or service
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Write in the boxes a complete description of the kind of business, industry or service carried out at the place where the person worked.

Do not use vague terms such as agriculture, repairs, factory, school, shop, etc. Give a complete and precise description: for example, sugar cane cultivation, tea cultivation, anthurium plantation, car repairing, bicycle repairing, sugar factory, pullover knitting factory, manufacture of knitted gloves, cutting and sewing shirt, primary education, secondary education, household furniture shop, household appliances shop, groceries retailer, etc. An example is given below.
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If more than one activity were carried out at the place where the person worked; describe the business, industry or service in which the person's main occupation was performed. For instance, if the establishment was engaged in both sugar cane plantation and anthurium cultivation, and the person worked in connection with the anthurium cultivation, write "anthurium cultivation".

For persons in Government Service, do not write "Government Service", but describe the activity carried out by the office/department where the person worked, e.g., Administration, collection of statistics, police, livestock breeding, plant nursery, agricultural research station, printing, primary education, health services, etc.

For a person who worked as employee in a private household (e.g. cook, driver, watchman, gardener, laundress, maid servant, etc.): write "household services" as below.
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But if the person worked as a driver or watchman or gardener, etc. in an establishment or in connection with the professional activities of a self-employed person, then you should describe the activity of the establishment or of the self-employed person.

Do not forget to describe the kind of business or service in case of persons who were self-employed or worked in their home: e.g., dress-making, tailoring, curing of fish, basket making, cattle keeping, preparation of foodstuffs for sale, sale of vegetables, taxi service, etc.