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Age 10 and above (22 through 24)
[Questions 22 through 24 were asked only of persons age 10 and older.

Labor force (22 through 24)

24. What is the major product or service provided in the organization/enterprise where [the respondent] mainly worked during the last 12 months? ____

Write detailed descriptions (e.g. Hotel service, building construction, garment manufacture)
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Labor force section
The Labor Force section is applicable to all persons 10 years and above. For respondents age below 10 years you will skip the section, leave it blank.

Question 24: Industry

181. Ask "what is the major product or service produced in the organization/enterprise where [the respondent] mainly worked during the last 12 months?"

182. Industry is the branch of economic activity carried out at the person's place of work. This is defined in terms of the kind of goods produced or services supplied by the enterprise in which the person works and NOT necessarily the specific duties or functions of the person's job. For example, in the case of a contract cook working in a canteen in a factory that makes television sets? The industry should be manufacture of electrical goods. But her occupation is a cook at worker place. Using such examples you would record construction/electrical installation, baking of bread, repair of boats/yacht, activities of trust company or retail banking, etc. There are cases where some people may also inform you that they are engaged in illegal activities like stealing, prostitution, you will have to record this as well. Your role is to get the correct information, write it down then coding will be done in the office in Naypyitaw.

183. For the corresponding main occupation in question 23 indicate the name of the business carried out by the employer. If it is not obvious from the name, or the business has no name, you should clearly indicate what the employer makes or does. Some employers are engaged in more than one industry (e.g. Government) therefore it is important to specify the type of industry that relates to the person for whom you are recording information. Write the name of the business or the department in government. Examples of various industries are provided below. Probe to find out the name of the business and the main type of activities carried out there.

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184. Your job is to write a legible and concise description of the type of business carried out where the person works. Errors in the classification of industries could occur when you do not give adequate or complete descriptions of the type of business. For example, inaccuracies may arise if you describe the business of an establishment by the occupation of the person employed there rather than the activity that is carried out within the business.