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Population age six or older
[Questions P24-P28 were asked for persons age 6+.]

P27) Branch of economic activity
What does the business or establishment that [Name] works or worked for mainly do?

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Questions (P24 to P28) are for members of the household who are six (6) years or older. This part of the questionnaire allows for the collection of information on employment, the type of employment, the branch of the industry. Particular emphasis is placed on farming due to its importance in the occupations of the population. Branch of economic activity (Column P27)

The purpose of this question is to understand the nature of the activity of the establishment or the business where the enumerated person works. This is the main activity (industry) of the employer or the company to which the respondent belongs. Always specify the name of the company if possible. Do not confuse the industry with the type of work performed by the individual.

[Omitted example]

Instruction: The industry of a servant is "Service to individuals."

This question is also for the unemployed. In this case we determine the industry from his lat main occupation.

This question does not apply to people seeking their first job and the elderly who do not work.
Do not fill in the shaded boxes (reserved for codification)