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Section B: Individual Characteristics

For persons aged 6 years and above
[Questions 16-26]

Activity type

25. Branch of economic activity

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1.2.1. Questions for ALL Household Members

1.2.2. Questions for persons aged 6 years and above

This is the second group of questions, concerning the characteristics of household members. They concern only the persons aged 6 years and above.

For persons aged less than 6 years (children), write (0) or (00) depending on column width in Columns P16 to P30.

Columns P23-P25: Economic Activities

Question P22 to P26 deal with the economic activity of the enumerated persons, that is: the occupation of the interviewed persons. For filling this question, please follow carefully the following guidelines.

a. The questions shall be asked only to household members aged 6 years of more. For others, write a hyphen (-) in Columns P23 and P25; and write (0) in Columns P22, P24, and P26.

b. To record the data on economic activity, the census enumerator shall refer to the reference period of one month (30 days) preceding the date of visit in the household.

However, for the persons who work in the agricultural sector (beekeeping, husbandry, fishing, forestry, etc.), this reference period is extended to one year (12 months), because of the seasonal character of this type of employment. Indeed, works in agriculture are done during a well defined period during the year, which may not correspond with the census date.

25. Column P25: Branch of economic activity

The question to be asked to the household members aged 6 years of more will be: "In what type of activity was the occupation of name?" or "What was the type of economic activity, modern or traditional, in which name was occupied?"

Write down in words what was doing the firm, the society, the institution or the employer of the concerned person.

Example: restaurant, Pottery, farming, factory, shop, Office du Niger, Sonatam, Usine Sada Diallo [Factory], Total, Shell, public service, etc...