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For individuals 6 years of age and older.
[Questions 14-22]

21. Principal branch of employment


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This is the second group of questions related to the characteristics of the household members. It relates only to persons aged 6 and older. Put a dash or a hyphen (-) for persons of less than 6 years in questions 14 to 25.

[Questions] 18 - 22. Economic Activity:

Questions 18 to 22 have to do with the economic activity of the people enumerated, i.e, their occupation. To fill in their forms pay careful attention to the following directions:

a. Only ask these question of household members who are 6 years and older. Put a dash or a hyphen (-) for those less than 6 years old.

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b. To obtain information on economic activity use the month (30 days) prior to the census interview as the point of reference.

However, for people who work in the agricultural sector (farming, breeding animals, fishing and forestry) this reference period is brought to [illegible] 12 months, taking into account the seasonal nature of employment in this sector. Rural work is carried out during a fixed period which does not correspond to the date of the census.

21. Principal branch of employment

This corresponds to the economic sector in which a working person has declared his/her principal work. Ask household members aged 6 and older the following question: "What type of production was the area you worked in, either modern or traditional, involved in?"

For example: Restaurant, pottery, farming, factory, store, Niger Office, SONATAM, Sada Diallo Factory, Total, Shell, civil service, etc.

NB: this is the employment of the workplace