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Year of first marriage, categorized

Codes and Frequencies

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MARRYR2 reports the year of the respondent's first marriage categorized into ranges.

Comparability — Index


Comparability — General

The universe includes only currently married females for Spain but all ever-married females for Israel.

The categories for MARRYR2 could not be integrated across samples. Each sample therefore occupies a different value range within the coding structure for the variable. See the codes page.

For related information giving single years of marriage for other samples, see MARRYR.

Comparability — Israel [top]

The Israeli samples identify persons who are not in their first marriage in MARRNUM.


  • Israel 1972: Ever-married persons age 14+
  • Israel 1983: Ever-married persons age 15+
  • Israel 1995: Ever-married persons age 15+
  • Spain 1991: Married females


  • Israel: 1972, 1983, 1995
  • Spain: 1991