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Section E. Economic status
[For persons aged 10 years and above.]

28. What was (the respondent's) main product/ service/ activity of place of work?

[] 1 Agriculture
[] 2 Fishing
[] 3 Mining/ quarrying
[] 4 Manufacturing/processing
[] 5 Electricity
[] 6 Construction
[] 7 Wholesale and retail, repair of motor vehicles and personal and household goods
[] 8 Hotels and restaurants
[] 9 Transport, storage, and communication
[] 10 Financial intermediation
[] 11 Real estate, renting, and business activities
[] 12 Public administration, defense, comp. social service
[] 13 Education
[] 14 Health and social work
[] 15 Other community, social, and personal services
[] 16 Private household
[] 17 Extra territorial organizations bodies
[] 88 Not applicable
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Part D of the Questionnaire
For persons aged 2 years and over

98. Column 28: Main product/service/activity of place where worked.

This refers to the main activity of the establishment or enterprise in which the individual works. If job seeking, state the last establishment or enterprise where employed. Give an exact description of the activity or service of firm e.g. a driver for beer brewery (in column 27 write driver, column 28 beer brewery); an accountant in a gold mine (column 27 accountants, column 28 gold mine); an owner of a cafe (column 27 shop owner. Column 28 retail shop); a domestic helper (column 27 domestic help, column 28 household); a waiter at a restaurant (column 27 waiter, column 28 restaurant); a driver for a transport company (column 27 driver, column 28 transport). Differentiation between Coal-Gold-Diamond mine or wholesale and retail trade must be clear. The main activity of a farmer is Agriculture that of a teacher is teaching or education. For persons unemployed but job seeking, enter the activity which they were last employed (not longer than five years ago). For persons who have not worked before, students, pupils and other persons without occupation enter code 88.