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20. Industry, trade or service (nature of industry, trade or service) ____
[Question 20 was asked of persons who have ever worked, as per question 16]

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Columns 16 to 21 on Economic Characteristics of Population

98. These columns relate to the economic characteristics of population both male and female. Information proposed to be collected on economic characteristics of population include information on economically active
and economically not active population. The economically active population includes those who are employed and unemployed. The economically inactive population includes those who are mainly home makers, full-time students, dependents, rent-receivers, retired people and other categories of income recipients; and others who are neither employed or unemployed and also do not come under any of the inactive categories mentioned. The reference period for this is the one year or 12 months before the census night, that is from 4 March 2007 to 3 March 2008. This is also referred to as last year or last one year in this instruction manual.

Columns 17 to 21

100. Information in these Columns should be filled in only for a person who is employed (Code 1 in Column 16) or unemployed (employed before) (Code 2 in Column 16). For unemployed (not employed before) (Code 3 in Column 16) and mainly inactive population (any Code from 4 to 8 in Column 16), no information can be furnished in Columns 17 to 21 and hence enter dash (-) in each of these Columns for these persons. The following are the instructions for filling in Columns 17 to 21 for a person for whom Code 1 or 2 is given in Column 16. The information to be filled in will relate to employment details of the employed person (Code 1 in Column 16). In the case of unemployed (employed before) (Code 2 in Column 16), the information to be filled in will relate to last employment held by that person.

Column 20: Nature of Industry, Trade or Service

104. You have to record here the sector of economy in which a person worked. Examples are: Cultivation, fishing, livestock rearing, selling of vegetables, automobile repairs, manufacture of toys, transport service, school or educational service, sale of clothes (retail), manufacture of eatables, etc. If a person works as a sales assistant in a gas station, his occupation is sales assistant and the nature of his trade is selling petrol (retail). The broad sectors of economy are: (i) Cultivation, fishing, livestock rearing; (ii) Mining or quarrying; (iii) Manufacturing, processing, servicing; (iv) Repairing; (v) Construction; (vi) Electricity, gas or water supply; (vii) Transport and communication; (viii) Trade and Commerce; (ix) Services like domestic service, public service, etc. Do not be content with answer like Reaksmey, Angkor and Co., Bayon and Co., etc., since from these names alone you cannot record the nature of activity of the Company. Ask probing questions to get information regarding the kind of product (e.g. manufacture of cigarettes) or the kind of trade (e.g. Newspaper selling) or the kind of service (e.g. hair
dressing) in which the establishment or company is engaged in. If a person is working in a company with several activities, report the nature of the branch of the company in which the person is working. If the person is employed in a Government office or institution, the name of the office, bureau, school, etc., may be given (e.g. Ministry of Planning, Directorate of Agriculture, High court, Phnom Penh High School etc.).