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15. Employment
For persons 12 years and over

15.1 Place of work and activity type of an enterprise, organization (detailed name of activity)

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Question 15. Employment at the main activity (for persons aged 12 and over)

Subquestion 15.1. Economic activity of the enterprise/ organization where the person works (full name of the activity).

The enumerator is to determine the main economic activity of the enterprise(organization) or its structural subdivision, but not the specific activity performed by the person questioned and record in the dedicated section a full name of the enterprise, institution, organization of the person's primary employment. For instance: not the LLC "Bereke", but the LLC cafe "Bereke", not the JSC "Yntymak", but JSC clothing manufactory "Yntymak", not OJSC "Ak-sut", but OJSC creamery "Ak-sut". In selected cases only the branch or the kind of production may be specified, e.g.: "glass manufacturing plant", "brick works" or "chemical factory". For persons working in workshops, ateliers, and service centres, a full name of a given enterprise should be recorded: "Sewing workshop", "Shoe-repair store."

Names of enterprises or institutions should not be recorded as abbreviations (e.g., it is impermissible to specify JPF instead of "Joint peasant farm"). Only well-known abbreviations can be admitted (e.g., ??? (TPP), ???? (Civil Registry Office)).

For persons working at canteens, medical stations, barbershops, etc., located at enterprises or companies, the names of those canteens, medical stations or barbershops should be indicated, but not the name of an enterprise or company the workers of which they serve (e.g., "Canteen at the worsted cloth manufacture").

For persons engaged in own farming, "agriculture" is to be recorded with specification of a specific area (crop production, animal husbandry, etc.) or the kind of work done, etc.

Military servicemen and wage and salary workers of military units and institutions living outside closed territories are to provide answers in accordance with their authorities' instructions. If those military servicemen, wage or salary workers are not able to provide an answer for any reason (e.g., they failed to attend a briefing meeting), the response "institution" is to be recorded as their place of work.

For ministers of religion, as well as for other persons engaged in religious faith sphere, the name of their churching is to be specified (mosque, church, synagogue, etc.).
For persons having permanent employments and, at the same time, receiving a pension, benefit, scholarship or engaged in developing own subsidiary plot, the name of enterprise where they work and its activity type are to be recorded.