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Section 6: Economic activity
[All persons age 14 and older]

[Questions 25-29 refer to the past week]

29. Industry or type of business during past week/in last job: _______

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Section 6 - Economic Activity

5.47 General
Section 6 is comprised of Questions 25 to 31 and should be asked of persons 14 years and over. The main purpose of this section is to determine which individuals were in the working force of the country at some time during the week preceding Census Day. The most difficult and perhaps important of the concepts here is that of 'work.' It is essential, therefore, that Census Takers understand fully the precise definition of the term 'work' in this context and that this meaning should be made clear to respondents by the method of questioning them. The Census Taker and all persons working on the Census must, therefore, understand and remember the following carefully:

5.48 Definition of Work
Work includes:

(a) Work with Pay that is:
(i) Work for others for a wage or salary including commission or tips. Work may be done either in the employ of the Government a business organization, some private or public organization, or an individual.


(This corresponds to Worked for Others Government or Non-Government in Question 27).
(ii) Work as trainee (such as nurses in training) or apprentice (persons at trade). (This also might be applicable at alternative 1 or 2 in Question 27).
(iii) Work for self in One's own business or farm which is run for profit or fees, but does not employ paid help. (This corresponds to Has Own Business or Farm - W/Out Paid Help at Question 27).
(iv) Running for profit or fees one's own business or farm which employs paid help. (This corresponds to Question 27 - Has Own Business or Farm - With Paid Help).

(b) Work Without Pay in a business or farm which is run for profit, that is:
(i) Work without pay in a business or farm run for profit, (usually by a relative), in cases where the individual is either supported by the owner or obtains some benefits other than cash from the running of the business (See Unpaid Worker at Question 27).
(ii) Work as an unpaid helper in a business or other organization, in cases where the respondent is learning a trade or profession in this way, with a view to engaging in work for pay (See Unpaid Worker at Question 27).

Do not include in "Working", those persons who:
(i) worked without money or pay for a relative or other person at tasks which did not contribute to the operation of a farm or of a business e.g. housework, gardening, odd jobs around the house or yard such as painting the fence, etc.
(ii) worked without pay assisting a relative or friend in his duties as an employee.
(iii) worked without pay either in cash or in kind as a volunteer worker for service organizations or church groups - such as the Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Society for the Blind, Operation Workshop, etc.

Note also that 'Work' must relate to work in Jamaica. It includes, however, those persons who are residing in the territory but are working on boats, ships, airplanes etc. which may operate outside of the territory, as well as travelling salesmen, consultants, etc. Also included are persons going as contract workers to the U.S.A. for a few


months to work on farms there during the crop season. Other persons who live and work outside of the country should not be classified as having worked with respect to the time they were resident outside of the country.

5.54 Question 29 - Industry or Type of Business during past week/In last job

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What is required here is the type of business in which the individual worked for the longest period during the week preceding the Census. It must relate to the Occupation entered at Question 28. Ask the question this way: "With reference to the occupation just mentioned, in what type of business were you (was he/she) employed or engaged?"
Write in the type of business by giving a short description of the activity. For example, Manufacturing, Cane Growing, Building Construction, Personal Services, Making of Bread and Cakes. Terms such as Shipping are inadequate. Instead state Steamship Agents or Wharf operators or Ship repairing, etc.
In instances where you cannot adequately describe the industry, you may give the name of the business or firm also.
In the case of persons engaged by local or central government, give the name of the office or department in which they are employed.
For domestic servants and other personal service workers who work as paid employees in private homes, write in Industry as Private Home.