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6. Vocational or non-vocational status

[These questions are asked of individuals aged 15 years and over]

In your answers to question 6.6 through 6.12 refer to your primary work activity only. If you are not working at present, refer to your most recent job.

6.11 What is the economic activity sector of the factory, organization, business, etc., where you work(ed) or that you own(ed)?

[] 1 Agriculture, fish farming, hunting or fishing
[] 2 Extractive activities in quarries or mines and mining support services (including the extraction of crude oil and natural gas)
[] 3 Manufacturing, processing and repairs, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment (excluding the manufacture and repair of cars and motorcycles, computers and communications equipment and other personal and/or domestic goods)
[] 4 Supply of electricity, gas, steam or air conditioning
[] 5 Supply of water, sewer system management, waste management and reclamation
[] 6 Construction, public works and installation of facilities in buildings
[] 7 Wholesale and retail commerce, repair and maintenance of cars and motorcycles
[] 8 Transport (of passengers or goods by pipelines, road, water or air); storage/warehousing, postal and courier services
[] 9 Accommodation and immediate-consumption restaurant services
(including bars, cafes, pubs, ice cream parlours, etc.)
[] 10 Information and communication services
(including phone centers and internet points)
[] 11 Financial and insurance activities
[] 12 Real estate activities
(including condominium administration)
[] 13 Professional, scientific and technical activities
(including research and development, law offices, advertising agencies, veterinary services, etc.)
[] 14 Leasing, travel agencies, business support services
(including call centers, research services, personnel search and selection, etc.)
[] 15 Central and local public administration, Defence and compulsory social security
[] 16 Education and training, public and private
(including programs at military academies, conservatories, courses for sporting, recreational and cultural activities, driving schools)
[] 17 Healthcare and social welfare assistance (residential and non-residential)
(including daycare centers)
[] 18 Artistic, sports, entertainment and recreational activities
(including libraries and archives, museums, gambling halls and game rooms, etc.)
[] 19 Other maintenance and repair services for personal and household goods
(including the activities of associations, launderers, hairdressers, etc.)
[] 20 Family-oriented work and cohabitation as employers of domestic staff
[] 21 Overseas bodies and organizations (UN, FAO, embassies on Italian soil)
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Section II - Information about regular inhabitants of the dwellings

In your answers to questions 6.6-6.12:

- Individuals with more than one job should answer in reference to their primary work activity only. Primary work activity is the job with the most work hours or the one (if you work an equal number of hours for different jobs) that provides the most income.
- Employed individuals who did not work during the week prior to the survey date (October 02nd-08th) because of a holiday, illness, CIG, leave of absence, etc., should refer to the job that usually represents their primary work activity.
- If you are not working at present, refer to the last job you had.
Question 6.11
Check the box corresponding to the sole or primary economic activity sector of the factory, farm, shop, office or institution where you work or that you own.

-Category 01: includes cultivation of permanent and non-permanent agricultural crops, plant reproduction and livestock raising, including the forms associated with agricultural cultivation, hunting and capture of wild animals, forestry and the use of forest areas, fishing and aquaculture;

-Category 02: includes extraction of natural minerals found in solid, liquid or gaseous state (e.g. mining and/or extraction of coal, crude oil, natural gas, stones, sand, torba clay, salt, mining of ferrous and non-ferrous minerals such as uranium and thorium). Extraction may involve a variety of different methods, such as underground or open-air mining, well-drilling, ocean mining, etc. This category also includes specialized mining support services (exploration services involving sample gathering, boring, petroleum and gas platform construction, washing, blow-down, mine pumping and drainage, etc.);

-Category 03: includes processing, production and preservation of all types of foodstuffs, the tobacco and textile industries, production and packaging of clothing and leather goods, manufacturing of furniture, straw-based and woven goods, paper, cardboard and related goods, coke and petroleum derivatives, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, paints, varnishes and enamels, rubber items and plastics, glass, porcelain and ceramic products, construction materials, metal goods, computers and electronics, optical and electrical products, vehicles of transport, jewelry, musical instruments, sporting goods, toys, and medical tools and supplies. This category also includes the publication of newspapers, books, periodicals, commercial printing and other materials as well as correlated support activities such as bookbinding, the preparation of printing plates and the electronic processing of texts and images and the repair, maintenance and installation of related machinery and equipment;

-Category 04: includes production, transmission and distribution of electricity, natural gas, steam, hot water and air conditioning through permanent infrastructures (networks or grids) through power lines, pipes or conduits. This grouping does not include the separate management of pipelines, which falls under category 08 because they tend to extend across long distances in order to connect gas producers to gas distributors or urban centers;

-Category 05: includes waterworks (collection, treatment and distribution), sewer system management, waste water collection and treatment, solid and non-solid (hazardous and non-hazardous) waste disposal and treatment, recovery and recycling preparation of metal waste, plastic materials, solid urban, industrial and biomass waste, decontamination services for sites and buildings, ground soil, surface water and underground water;

Category 06: includes construction of buildings, roads, railway lines, subways and airport runways, bridges and tunnels, waterworks and public utilities for electricity and telecommunications, demolition and preparation of construction sites, installation of electricity and plumbing systems and installation of materials for casings, fixtures, flooring, etc.;

-Category 07: includes wholesale and retail commerce of all types of goods. This category also covers the repair and sales of automobiles and motorcycles. It does not include the serving of food or drink for immediate consumption or the sale of take-away food (restaurants, bars, pizzerias, pubs, etc.), which fall under category 09;

-Category 08: includes freight or passenger transport (regularly scheduled or otherwise) by rail, pipelines, roads, waterways or by air, plus related support activities including terminal services, parking area and vehicle storage management, logistics centers (interports) and storage of goods, etc., in addition to vehicle rentals with drivers. It also includes postal and courier services;

-Category 09: includes hotel and short-term accommodation activities for visitors and travelers (hotels, tourist villages, hostels, campsites, etc.), restaurant activities that provide full meals and/or drinks for immediate consumption, whether in the form of traditional restaurants, self-service or take-away establishments or in permanent or temporary kiosks, with or without seating (ice cream parlors, pastry shops, dining halls and catering facilities, bars, pubs, brewpubs, etc.). The deciding factor is the serving of meals for immediate consumption, regardless of the specific type of facility involved;

-Category 10: includes all types of publishing activity, including software, production of films, videos, television programs, radio broadcasts, musical and audio recordings, telecommunications (fixed, mobile and satellite), computer consulting and all IT-related services (internet-based search engines, data processing and hosting, database management, etc.) and publishing agencies and information agencies that supply information, images, and special communication-related services;

-Category 11: includes financial intermediation, including insurance, reinsurance and retirement funds (excluding compulsory social insurance), as well as support activities (promoters, agents, mediators and procurers of financial products, postal banking activities, money transfer services, etc.);

-Category 12: includes the activities of landlords, agents and/or mediators in one or more of the following sectors: real estate sales and purchase, real estate rentals, provision of other real estate services, such as property assessment and estate agent activity on behalf of third parties. Activities in this category can apply to personally-owned or rented properties as well as third parties;

-Category 13: includes specialized professional, scientific and technical services. These types of activities require extensive training and preparation to provide clients with specialized knowledge and capacities. They include the activities of law firms as well as commercial, tax and account auditing firms, corporate management and management consulting, technical studios (architecture, engineering, project development, site inspections, surveying and mapping and activities related to physical, chemical and other types of inspections), research and development in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, human and humanistic sciences, advertising (conceptualization of advertising campaigns), market research and opinion surveys, specialized design activities (graphic designers, technicians, etc.), photographic activities (production of photographic services, photojournalists, aerial photography), translation and interpreting and agricultural consulting. This category also includes the activities of veterinarians in veterinary clinics or on farms, at kennels and animal hospitals, and at outpatient clinics and others (including animal ambulance services);

-Category 14: includes the renting and leasing of intangible, non-financial goods plus a wide range of material goods, such as vehicles without drivers or operators, air or sea transport vehicles, office equipment (furniture, computers, photocopiers, etc.), sports and recreational equipment, videocassettes and DVDs, equipment for farming, construction work and civil engineering. This category also includes the search, selection and placement of personnel, travel agencies and tour operators, detective agencies, private surveillance and surveillance systems (e.g. satellite radio-control of means of transport), cleaning and disinfestation services (for buildings, industrial machinery, cisterns for transport by road or sea), landscaping care and maintenance (including parks, gardens and planters in buildings and public and private residences), incoming and outgoing call center activities, telephone-based help centers, the organization of conventions and trade fairs and a variety of business support activities (e.g. credit recovery agencies, requests for certifications and dispatch of applications, etc.);

-Category 15: includes government activities typically performed by public administrations. This includes general public administration activities (e.g. executive, legislative, financial, etc., at all levels of government), foreign affairs, defense, public law and order, justice department, fire departments and civil defense, compulsory social insurance (INPS, INAIL, etc.);

-Category 16: includes education (both public and private) at all levels for all professions and occupations. The activity can take place through oral or written lessons via radio, television, and internet or by correspondence. It includes all of the different levels of education offered by the different institutions within the national school system as well as adult education, literacy campaigns, etc. It also includes military schools and academies and schools within the prison system. This category also includes education intended primarily for sports or recreational purposes (teaching tennis, swimming, acting lessons, dance, etc.) and driving schools (driving schools, airplane pilot schools and nautical schools);

-Category 17: includes the provision of health services and social assistance (residential or non-residential for senior citizens and the disabled and assistance structures for mental disturbances and drug abuse). This category includes medical checkups and treatments by general physicians, specialists, dentists, etc. The activities may take place in private offices, out-clinics involving groups of physicians and hospital clinics that provide outpatient treatment at businesses, schools, rest homes and union organizations as well as house-calls for the sick;

-Category 18: includes a wide range of activities addressing a variety of different cultural interests, public entertainment and recreation, including live shows, museum management, libraries, historical monuments, nature reserves, zoos, gambling and betting facilities (casinos, bingo halls, game rooms, etc.), sports and recreational activities (sports facilities, sports clubs, gyms, hunting and fishing reserves, board-game clubs and toy libraries, dance halls, swimming centers, etc.). The activities of individual artists are included here;

-Category 19: includes the activities of employers and economic trade associations, employee unions, political parties and religious organizations, repair services for personal and domestic goods, personal services (laundry, dry-cleaning, hairdressers and aesthetic treatments, etc.). This includes computer repair and industrial laundry services;

-Category 20: includes family and cohabitation activities (including condominiums), such as work providers for domestic workers such as domestic assistants, cooks, valets, butlers, launderers, gardeners, doormen, drivers, custodians, baby- sitters, etc.;

-Category 21: includes the activities of international organizations, such as the United Nations and their specialized agencies, the EU, the OECD, the IMF, the World Bank, etc.
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