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Persons over 15 years of age must answer questions starting from point 6.
Persons under 15 years of age must answer questions starting from point 8.

[Questions 6.1-7.12 were asked of persons over 15 years of age.]

7. Work activity
[Questions 7.1 to 7.12 were asked of those who worked one or more hours of paid work, or as contributing family worker.]

To answer questions from 7.1 to 7.12, refer to the main work activities (activities where the greater number of hours were worked)

7.11 Indicate the sector to which pertain the exclusive or main activities of the plant, office, organization, farm, shop, professional office, etc. where the person works or which he owns.

(Examples of economic activities are provided in parenthesis for some of the answers.)

Agriculture and Fishing
[] 01 Agriculture, hunting and forestry
[] 02 Fishing, fish-breeding and related services
[] 03 Extraction of coal, crude petroleum, minerals, etc
[] 04 Food, drink and tobacco industry
[] 05 Textile, clothing, fur and leather industry
[] 06 Wood, wood products (except furniture), paper, press and publishing industry
[] 07 Cookery, refinery, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, rubber and plastics industry
[] 08 Processing of non-metallic minerals (cement, glass, ceramics)
[] 09 Iron and steel industry, engineering industry, electronics industry and manufacture of transportation vehicles
[] 10 Furniture manufacture and other manufacturing industries including recuperation and preparation for recycling
[] 11 Production and distribution of electricity, water and gas

Construction and System Installation
[] 12 Building construction, public works and installation of services in buildings

Commerce, repairs, public practices, transportation and communications
[] 13 Commerce, maintenance and repair of vehicles and motorcycles, sale of traction fuel
[] 14 Wholesale trade, and sales representatives, except for vehicles and motorcycles
[] 15 Retail sales, except vehicles and motorcycles, repair of personal goods and goods for the house
[] 16 Hotels, camping areas, bars, restaurants, etc
[] 17 Transportation (public and private), warehousing, post and telecommunications

Banking, insurance and other production and/or consumer services
[] 18 Bank, insurance, monetary and financial brokerage
[] 19 Computer and related activities, research and development
[] 20 Professional consulting activities, real estate and rentals (legal, planning, market, accounting offices, surveillance, cleaning)

Social and people services
[] 21 Central and local public administration (e.g. Ministries, ANAS, regional, provincial, municipal administrations, mandatory social security)
[] 22 Public and private education and training (including schools, colleges and military academies)
[] 23 Health and public and private social assistance (pubic and military hospitals, doctor studios, out patients clinics, rest homes)
[] 24 Political and union member organizations (Italian Manufacturer's Association, Chamber of Commerce)
[] 25 Recreational, cultural and sports activities (cinema, museums)
[] 26 Other service oriented activities (dry cleaners, beauty salons, parking, garbage collection)
[] 27 Live-in domestic help (in this sector belong, for example, domestic helpers, baby-sitters, drivers, custodians, gardeners)

International organizations and organizations of other countries
[] 28 Extra-territorial organizations and representations (UN, FAO, Embassies in Italy)

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7. Work activity
Answer question 7.1 and question 7.12 by referring to the main job carried out during the week preceding the date of the Census (from 14 to 20 October, 2001).
The term main work activities refers to the job where the greatest number of working hours was employed.
Employed persons who, during the week preceding the date of the Census (from 14 to 20 October, 2001), did not work because they were on vacation, illness, on income support, on leave of absence etc., must refer to the main job usually performed.
Persons who, during the week preceding the date of the Census (from 14 to 20 October, 2001), changed job must refer to their new job carried out at the end of that week.

Question 7.11
Cross the box that corresponds to the business field in which you believe your factory, farm, shop, professional studio, office or organization classifies itself. In particular:

Condition 03: This category includes coal, peat and uranium mining, natural gas, gem mining, marble, gravel, sand, etc.);
Condition 05: This category includes the fur industry, manufacture of travel accessories, bags, harnesses, saddles and shoes;
Condition 06: This category also includes industries that produce cork and straw products and weaving materials;
Condition 09: This category also includes manufacture of electrical, electronic and optical machinery and equipment and repair of railroad carriage materials;
Condition 10: This category also includes the manufacture of jewelry, musical instruments, games, etc.;
Condition 13: Trade includes both retail and wholesale;
Condition 17: This category includes, telephones, Internet providers, etc.;
Condition 19: Includes computer repairs; 23
Condition 20: This category also includes services to companies, call centers, advertising, etc.;
Condition 21: This category also includes INPS (National Institute for Social Security);
Condition 24: Also includes religious organizations;
Condition 25: Entertainment and shows, press offices, libraries, zoos, etc. all come under recreational, cultural and sports activities.