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Activity and marital status - For people aged 10 and over

Questions 26-28 for those who are working, doing unpaid work in the household business, or are temporarily absent from work

26. Main activity of the work place (It should be avoided to write general titles such as office, company, factory, supermarket, shop ...) _____

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Column 23 -30, Employment and marital status -General description

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Fill these columns for individual 10-year or older.
Columns 26 -29, main activity of the workplace, job, job status, workplace
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Fill these columns if codes 1, 2, or 3 are checked in column 23, and leave it blank for the rest.
? For individuals who were temporarily absent from work (column 23 code 3) fill this column according to their usual job.
? When filling these columns for an individual who worked a job other than his usual one in the past 7 days [column 23 code 1] consider the most recent job carried.
? When filling these columns for individuals who work multiple jobs, consider the main job carried. If the respondent cannot specify the answer, the job that individual worked the highest number of hours carrying in the past 7 days is the main job. If the individual spends equal number of hours at each job, then the main job is the one that the individual has stayed with the longest.
Column 26, main activity of the workplace
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All business activities are coded based on the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic activities (ISIC), therefore it is necessary to follow the tables in pages 113 - 115 of this manual and the remarks below:
? Write the main activity of the workplace to accurately convey the activity. Avoid just writing non-specific titles such as store, shop, office, company, factory, etc.
? If the individual does not have a fixed workplace in case of construction workers, cab drivers, peddlers, etc. write the main activity instead.
? Writing titles such as wholesale, import, and export are necessary.
? For individuals who work for ministries, government organizations and agencies, and Islamic revolution organizations, if the name of workplace does not convey the type of activity, add the type of activity as well.
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? Write the specific activity of banks and financial institution, rather than just bank.
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? Make sure to write either manufacturing or repair, whichever applies, in addition to the main activity of the workplace. If these activities are combined at a workplace write both.
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? For mining and also manufacturing goods, specify the type of mineral or goods.
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? Specify the type of vehicle for drivers and auto service shops.
? Specify passenger vs freight transportation and intercity service vs. intracity transit in addition to the route such as ground, air, sea, and rail.
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? If telecommunication is the main activity of workplace specify wired, wireless, or via satellite.
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For natural or legal person who is hired by private sector but works in a government office, e.g. a janitor, the main activity of workplace is the one that individual has contract with.