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For persons age 10 or older
[Questions 215-218 were asked of persons age 10 or older.]

[Questions 217-218 were asked of persons age 10 or older who worked or were on temporary leave during the previous week.]

217. What was the type of main industry of [the respondent] during the previous week?

Specify as completely as possible, for example: rice and grain crop agriculture, driver in textile industry, driver in government office, teacher in state junior high school, motorcycle taxi, doctor in health center, etc.

Filled by Kortim in the field:
[] 01 Agriculture, rice, corn, other grains
[] 02 Agriculture, horticulture (vegetables, fruits, etc.)
[] 03 Agriculture, estate (palm, tea, tobacco, rubber, etc.)
[] 04 Agriculture, fishery (fishing, fish cultivation, etc.)
[] 05 Agriculture, animal husbandry (animals farming, dairy, etc.)
[] 06 Agriculture, other (forestry, hunting, etc.)
[] 07 Mining and quarrying
[] 08 Manufacturing
[] 09 Electricity and gas
[] 10 Construction (buildings, roads, bridges, etc.)
[] 11 Trade (wholesale and retail)
[] 12 Hotel and restaurant
[] 13 Transportation and storage
[] 14 Information and communications
[] 15 Finance and insurance
[] 16 Educational services
[] 17 Health services
[] 18 Other services (government, private, and individual)
[] 19 Others (real estate, water supply, etc.)

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Household Members 10 Years or Older
Questions 215 through 218 are asked to household members who are 10 years of age or older. See Q204; if 10, 11, 12... 98 have been entered, then the relevant household member must be asked Q215 through Q218 where appropriate.

Questions 216 through 218: Labor Force
The objective of Q216 and Q218 is to obtain information about the labor force situation which covers activities carried out during the previous week, the main industry of that work, and the employment status of that main work activity.

Question 217: Industry/Field of Work of Primary Job
The objective of this question is to obtain detailed information on the industry/field of economic activity/work of the household member, which is carried out by asking place of work, what is the activity or the activity of the company where he/she works, and what is the product or what is produced by this company (product or service). It is expected that by asking the questions in this way, the detailed answers of the household member obtained about the industry of his/her work/economic activity can be categorized more precisely.
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[Note within graphic box:] Field of activity is the field of work or activity carried out by the business/endeavor/institution at the place where the respondent works.
Ask and then write clearly and in detail the field of activity of the primary job of the respondent. Putting a mark in the oval for one code in the list of field of activity of the main job will be carried out by the Team Coordinator.
The way to determine the primary job/economic activity is as follows:

1. If the household member during the previous week had only one job, then that job is recorded as his/her primary job/economic activity.
2. If the household member during the previous week had more than one job, then the job which required the longest amount of time or the most time is recorded as the primary job. If the amount of time is the same, then the job which has the largest income is recorded as the primary job. If the time and the income are the same, then the primary job is whichever the respondent considers to be his/her primary job.
3. A household member is considered to have more than one job if carrying out these jobs is done separately. A farm worker, even though he/she works for several farmers (carries out the work separately) is categorized as having only one job.

[Note from graphic box:] For a person who has more than one job during the previous week, the primary job is the one which requires the most time.
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1. If a household member who is currently on leave does not do any other work while on he/she is on leave, then the work from which he/she is on leave is his/her primary job. For example, a person works for an insurance company; during the past week while on sick leave, he/she does not do any other work. The job of this person is insurance company employee.
2. A household member is currently on leave and while on leave he/she does some other work; this other work is considered his/her primary job. For example, a person works in a wood furniture making factory; during the previous week during his leave or vacation he helps his wife sell clothing in the market. The job of this person is "helped wife sell clothing in the market."

1. During the previous week, Rahmat who works as a doctor in the Maternity Clinic has some free time and during the previous week he spent more time helping his wife sell sports equipment. Rahmat's primary job during the previous week is selling sports equipment.
2. During the previous week a farmer, in addition to planting rice on his own field, also planted rice on someone else's field for a fee. This farmer is categorized as having two jobs which are planting rice on his own field and a farm worker planting food crops even though the industry is the same, that is, agricultural food crops.

[Note from graphic box:] Record the industry/field of activity as completely and as clearly as possible.
Various examples follow; hopefully these examples will give a true understanding of the intention of this question.
1. The response that is expected is not simply farmer, but a farmer who plants, takes care of, produces rice crop; then the industry is Agriculture, rice, corn, other grains.
2. The response that is expected is not simply driver, but driver of a private car, or driver in company making traditional herbs, or city transport driver. The answer is still a driver, but if the respondent's answer is detailed, then the classification of the industry/field of activity can be made with greater accuracy. For a driver of a private car, the industry is Other Services of an individual who serves a household. For a driver who works in a company making traditional herbs, the industry is Pharmaceutical and Herbal Industry, whereas for the city transport driver, the industry is Transportation and Storage.
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3. The response that is expected is not simply operates a business (entrepreneur), but sells household goods in a retail store. If only businessman/entrepreneur is recorded, it will be difficult to determine the industry, but a more complete response will aid in selecting the correct industry classification. For this example, the industry is Trade (Retail).

[Graphic box providing correct and incorrect examples for properly recording industry of main job is not presented here.]