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E. Marriage and fertility
Ask of all ever-married women. Ask questions person by person.
[Questions E1-E11]

E5-E8. Children ever born

[Questions E6-E11 were asked of women who have ever married and who have ever had a live birth, as per question E1.]

E8. Children who have died.

What is the total number of children you had who were born alive and have since died, including any babies who lived even for only a few minutes?

Write in total (if none, write in "0").
_ _

Check that E6+E7+E8 = E5. If not, correct where necessary.
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E. Information on mother's fertility
Ask these questions to women who have ever been married, that is, currently married, widowed or divorced

This part of the questionnaire contains questions about marriage (how many times married), number of children, and some questions about family planning.

Page 11 [of the enumeration form.] Children ever born
Concept and definitions
Below is the schematic concerning pregnancy to be used to clarify what is meant by the first four questions (E5, E6, E7 and E8):

[A schematic illustrating questions E5, E6, E7 and E8 in the original document is not presented here]

Live birth means a birth that is accompanied by signs of life such as a baby's cry, baby's breathing, heartbeat and other signs of life even if only for a few seconds/moment. Sufficient attention must be given to this question, because often when a baby is born alive but only lives for a few seconds, minutes, hours or days, they are not mentioned by the respondent; it is as if the baby didn't exist or she forgot to mention the baby because he only lived a few moments. This kind of birth is important and must be included in the total number of live births (born alive and then died).

There are two possibilities for a live birth; that is, the child has died (by the time of the enumeration) or is still alive (at the time of the enumeration).

A child still alive is any child who was born alive and is still living (at the time of the enumeration) with his mother (lives in this household) or somewhere else (lives with a sibling, uncle, grandparent, attends school elsewhere or works elsewhere).

Do not ask about an interrupted pregnancy in this survey as no further information is needed at this time.

Column (5) Children who have died
Look at the schematic on pregnancy for help with this question. Babies who only lived for a few moments and then died are included here. In asking about this, take care not to cause the sad memory to return to the mother.

Then check that column (2) equals columns (3) + (4) + (5). If they are not the same, make corrections by asking the mother again

Remember to ask about live births only