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Individual form
[Section I is the same as Section I: Household and Living Unit Information above]

IV. 10 years or older

18. Did you do any work last week?

[] Yes (skip to question 21)
[] No

23. Industry (write completely)


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8. Part IV: For age 10 or older
All the Questions in this part are intended for household members age 10 or older. Skip this part and the Questions if younger than 10.

8.1. Questions 18 to 23
The Questions are:
Question 18: "Have you been working in the past week?"
Question 19: "What have you been doing in the past week?"
Question 20: "Have you worked before?"
Question 21: "Type/status of job"
Question 22: "What is your job?"
Question 23: "Industry"

I. Industry
The industry of the company/institution/corporation where a person works or has worked before.


Agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, farming
Coal mining, gas and oil mining
Food manufacturing, household appliance manufacturing
Electricity, gas, water purification
Trade, restaurant, hotel, inn, café
Navy, marine, army, communications
Banking, insurance, services
Government, defense, social services, entertainment, etc.

8.1.2. Filling procedure for Questions 18 to 23
The accuracy of the answer for these Questions depends on the enumerator's ability to ask the questions. To obtain the best results, follow these directions:

6. Question 23
If the answer for Question 18 [Have you worked in the past week?] is "Yes", ask for Question 23:
"What is the industry of your work?"

If the answer for Question 20 [Have you ever worked?] is "Yes", ask for Questionnaire 23:
"What was the industry of your previous work?"

Write the complete answer for Question 23. Use the example of industry from the previous page. Do not write only the name of the company, but also the activity of the company.