Questionnaire Text

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____Commune, town
____ District
____ Street, road, squares
____ House number, topographical number
____ Floor, ground-floor
____ Door number
____ Part of settlement, outskirts

_ _ _ Number of enumeration district

_ _ _ Serial number of the Housing Questionnaire
_ _ _ Serial number of the building

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6. Presence on the place of enumeration
The place of the enumeration is the dwelling where the persons under enumeration live (i.e. those enumerated with the help of the respective Personal questionnaires).

The person to enumerate might be present, or absent depending whether at the reference date of the census he/she had stayed in the dwelling or not. The official registration of the person as resident does not automatically signifies the effective situation. In case the persons was not present the definite answer of his/her stay (locality, district, name of the public place, number of the building, door number) should be registered.

The persons having been working at the night of the reference date of the census (e.g. guards, drivers, pilots, engine drivers, etc.) will be enumerated as "person present" in dwellings they return after performing the works, service to.

The same approach is valid for those being absent only for celebrating the New Year's Eve.

The persons who at the reference date of the census have been travelling shall be enumerated at the destination of their trip.