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D. Economic characteristics
For persons 10 years and older.
[Questions 17-21 were asked of persons 10 years of age and older.]

20. Branch of work: What does this person's company make/do?

(Be as specific as possible)

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D) Economic characteristics
[Questions 17-21.]
Ask questions relative to the economic characteristics of people age 10 years old or more.

Question 20: Branch of activity
81. The branch of activity refers to the activity of the establishment or company where the person has worked for most of the period of reference.
Clearly record what the business or employer does in general (for example, manufacture of shoes, bike repair, retail of cloth, subsistence crops, etc.)
Write down "government" for all employees and government employees of the state.
In the case where the employee is a maid at an individual's home, write down "domestic service".
For a typist working in a building company, write down "building construction".