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[Questions 14 through 16 were asked of all persons that are currently working or seeking work]

14. In what type of establishment, enterprise etc., did you work during the previous week or the last time you worked?

Give a full description (example, wool mill) ____
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Question 14 "In what type of establishment, enterprise did you work during the previous week or the last time you worked?"
The question refers to the type of economic activity, i.e. industry branch of the establishment, enterprise, service etc. where the enumerated individual is working or if he is seeking work, the establishment, enterprise etc. he was last working (cases 1 and 2 of question 13). The answer to this question should be recorded with great clarity so to enable coding by ELSTAT.
If the answer to this question is general and vague, e.g. "shop", "factory", "company" the enumerator should ask for instance "what type of shop?" or "what is the factory producing?" and "what are the activities of the company?".
Examples of adequate answers in this question are:
- Agricultural or livestock farms or forests or fisheries: "Cereal crop", "Pig", "Logging", "Sea fishing".
- In mines: "Lignite", "Bauxite mine'', "Marble quarry", etc.
-Industrial or craft enterprises: "Sausage factory", "Sporelaiourgeio" "Cotton gin'', ''klostoviomichania'', "Shoe factory", "Joinery factory", "Furniture shop", "Cement factory", "Wire manufacturing factory", "Auto repair shop" etc.
- In building construction or civil engineering: "Demolition crew", "Concrete work", "Bricklaying", "Plumbing shop", "Roads", "Harbor works" etc.
- To trade, various services etc.: "Wholesale trade shop", "grocery", "fruit store", "General sales shop", ''Retail store selling men's clothing ", "pharmacy", "Buses", "coasting", "travel agency", "insurance company", "Notary", "hospital", "school", "Private Practice" etc.
If the enumerated individuals are self-employed without having a shop, e.g. rover merchant, taxi driver, constructions' contractor having no offices etc. "rover" or "at taxi" or "self-contractor" will be recorded. Also, for dressmakers who do not have their own atelier and are working at their clients' houses "at clients' houses" is to be recorded. The answers will be coded by ELSTAT.