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For the population aged 10 years and above: Economic characteristics
[Questions 15-18 were asked of persons aged 10 years and above.]

17. Economic activity branch ___
Write the economic activity branch in which the person currently is occupied, or was previously occupied, for instance: Food crops farming, Retail shop, Shoe factory, Administration, etc.

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C. Economic characteristics for the population aged 10 and older

Column (17): Branch of economic activity
137. Ask questions and record very precisely the institution (company, establishment, workshop) for which the person:

-works, if they are employed (OCC)
-worked, if they are unemployed (ST)

For example, you will write:
-Private sewing workshop for a tailor working in his own workshop or with his apprentices;
-Private jewelry shop or carpenter's workshop, etc., depending on the situation
-Photo studio for a photographer working with his apprentice(s);
-Road transport for a taxi driver [or] private carrier;
-TUC or COTRA for an employee of the TUC enterprise or of COTRA;
-BNDA (National Bank for Agricultural Development) for an employee of this bank;
-Ministry of Health Office for anyone working in the office of the Ministry of Health (regardless of his/her profession). However, for others workers [whose jobs come] under the Ministry of Health, specify according to the case: Ignace Deen Hospital, 'X' Clinic, 'Y' Maternity Hospital, the National Health Institute, etc.

This distinction should be made for all Ministries, giving as much detail as possible about the place of work.

-Family plot/field for an Agricultural Worker (farmer, stockbreeder) and the members of his household who work with him.

-CER November 22nd for any CER worker, whether it be an orderly, professor, CER director or driver.

-ENTA for anyone who works for the National Tobacco and Match Company in whatever capacity.

-Buildings and TP for all workers responsible for the construction of buildings, bridges, roads, etc. These workers should be distinguished from those of the Office of the TP Ministry and the Office of the Ministry of Urbanism. These latter are classified in the Branch of Economic Activity: "Public Administration and National Defense."

-SNE for all employees of the National Electric Company in whatever capacity, whether in Conakry, Kindia, Boké or Labé.

138. The enumerator is asked to indicate as precisely as possible the place of work to allow an easy breakdown of employed (OCC) and unemployed (ST) in the various economic branches of the nation.