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P12 Educational characteristics (Answer for persons 3 years or older)

[P12b-P12c were asked of persons have ever attended/attending school now.]

P12b If now, or past in P12a: What is the highest level of schooling (name) attending/attended?

[] 1 Pre-school
[] 2 Primary
[] 3 Middle/JSS
[] 4 Secondary/SSS
[] 5 Vocational/technical/commercial
[] 6 Post secondary (Agriculture/nursing/teacher training)
[] 7 Tertiary

P12c Highest educational grade: What is the highest grade (name) completed at that level? _ _
(Record actual grade if 0-8, if 9 or more code 9)

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P12: Educational characteristics: Ask all persons 3 years or older

P12a School attendance: Has (name) ever attended/attending school now?

This question refers to full time education in an educational institution such as, nursery, kindergarten (pre-school), primary, middle, junior secondary, secondary, vocational, commercial or technical, senior secondary, teacher training college, university or similar type of school where a person spends or has spent at least four (4) hours a day receiving general education in which the emphasis is not on vocational skill or trade training.

This definition excludes night schools, trade schools such as flair catering, motor driving schools, adult literacy school, etc. It also excludes on-the-job training establishments like National Productivity Institute, Auditor-General's Training School, Accountant-General Training School, Labour College, Commercial Bank Training School, etc. It excludes Arabic schools where only reading and writing of the Quoran are taught. This does not mean that schools where Arabic is taught must automatically be excluded because there are recognised schools where Arabic and other subjects are taught.

Three Options: never, now, past are provided for this question and you must write and mark only one of them:

a. Never - Write and mark X for box 1, if the person has never at any time received full-time education. If you mark never i.e. box 1 then skip to P13 without asking P12b and P12c.
b. Now - Write and mark box 2, if the person is still receiving full-time education at the time of the Census. It includes those who are on vacation at the time of the Census and would be going back to school.
c. Past - Write and mark box 3, if the person received full-time education in the past and is no longer receiving it.

P12b If now or past in 12a: What is the highest level of schooling (name) attending/attended?

This question seeks to elicit information on the highest level of formal schooling attended/attending. Seven levels have been identified. They are (i) Pre-school, (ii) Primary (iii) Middle/JSS (iv) Secondary/SSS (v) Vocational/Technical/Commercial (vi) Post Secondary (Agric/Nursing/Teacher Training) and (vii) Tertiary (e.g. Polytechnic or University). If the person or respondent dropped out of school at a level it means he/she had not completed that level but has attended that level. Note that the interest here is to find the highest level ever attended or attending and not completed, mark the appropriate box applicable to the person.

In some cases you will come across people who through correspondence, distant or adult education have attained some level of schooling. In such cases find the equivalent level of schooling and write and mark the appropriate box.

P12c What is the highest grade (name) completed at that level?

The highest grade completed, is the last full class, form or year completed and not the present/current one being attended. For example if the person is now in primary class five (5), then the highest grade (class) completed will be Primary four (4) since he/she has not yet completed Primary five (5). Similarly, a child who is currently or who dropped out during the second term in JSS 1, will have "0" (Zero) recorded, because no grade has been completed at that level. Record the equivalent grade for persons who have attained some level of schooling through distant, correspondence or adult education. Thus if the grade is unobtainable, the equivalence of the number of years devoted to that particular type of school will provide the required information.

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An example of how to complete P12b and P12c: If a child is currently in the third year of primary school then mark an X for code "2" in P12b and write 2 and mark in the box at P12c.