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Professional Activity

(For all persons born before January 1, 1948)
[Applies to questions 11 - 16]

If you are currently without work and you are looking for work, go directly to question 16.
If you are no longer working, go directly to question 17.

15. Business (industrial, commercial or other), farm, etc. that you manage or that employs you:

15a. Name (or corporate name) and address:

Name: ____
Street (or locality): ____ Number:____
For Paris, Lyon and Marseille, add the city district [arrondissement]
State [departement]: ____

15b. Activity of the business:


Be specific; Examples: wholesale wine sales, retail grocery, construction of metal girders, cotton milling, overland transportation for travelers, market gardening, private secondary-level teaching [enseignement prive du second degree], etc.

15c. If you don't work at the same address as the business noted above, indicate your normal work place:

This question is not for farmers, nor is it for household help or V.R.P. Traveling personnel of the French National Railroad [S.N.C.F.], bus drivers, minors, etc., should indicate the station, depot, mineshaft, etc. where they normally work.

Street (or locality): ____ Number: ____ City: ____

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Questions 11 through 17 The questions on professional activity are especially important. You should check carefully to make sure they are filled out carefully
Question 11: This question is of capital importance. It is impossible to be too specific in this category.
Read carefully the following explanations and the examples given on the individual report [bulletin individuel], as well as the following list:
Examples of inadequate answers which should not be accepted under any circumstance and comments
1. Answers which are inadequate because they are not specific enough:


Indicate exactly the occupation of the person in question. For example: department- store salesperson, metal turner, chemical engineer.

Civil Servant
Railroad employee
Gas company worker

Specify the rank or job of civil servants and employees of public services. For example: accounting and order clerk, combined- use railroad agent [facteur mixte S.N.C.F.].


Answer in this way, for example: retail grocer, automobile repair mechanic, director of a noodle factory.

2. Answers which are inadequate because they are incomplete:

Qualified laborer
Team leader

The above indicate the professional rank, but do not give the individual occupation.

Question 12 - Unpaid workers who help another person in his/her job
It may sometime happen that certain persons - above all, women - work helping another person in his/her job without receiving any pay for their work. These persons should answer "yes" to question 12, even if they only work as such on a part- time basis.
This question concerns, for example, the wife of a farmer who participates in farm work, or the wife or daughter of a shopkeeper who spends a few hours a day at the shop as a salesperson or at the cash register.
Question 13 - Household employee. This category is not intended for persons who are self- employed and work at home (craftsmen, seamstresses, milliners). It applies only to persons who work at home, often on a piecework basis, for an industrial or commercial establishment which pays them on this basis. Such is the case, for example, of certain designers for fashion magazines, persons who work for design houses, etc.
If these persons have several employers at the same time, indicate in question 15 which is their principal employer.