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For all persons born in 1971 or before
[Questions 14-17 were asked of all persons born in 1971 or before]

16. Industry

Who does the person work for? Department if government or large company.
If self-employed, what is the person's trade or business?

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Question 16 - Industry

166. You have described the person's own job, which is his occupation. Next we have to consider the kind of business, product or service produced by the worker and his/her fellow workers. For example, a person may be a typist working for a mining company, in a building contractor's office, in a hotel, for a bus company, in a department store, for the Government or for a law firm. The person's occupation is 'typist' but the product, business or service is different in each case.

167. If the person is employed as a cash worker, ask: "Who does this person work for?" or "Where does this person work?"

168. Enter the name of the company, firm or organization for which he or she works.

169. Some large companies make, produce or sell more than one kind of product and the same is true of large Departments of Government. In such cases state the branch or section for which the person works. For example, a large company like Carpenters engages in many kinds of activity and you should distinguish the branch for which the person works by writing 'Carpenters Shipping', 'Carpenters Travel', or as the case may be.

170. In the same way large Government Departments at the PWD engage in different kinds of work and you should distinguish this by writing 'PWD roads', 'PWD mech. workshops', 'PWD water', or as the case may be, but not just 'PWD'.

171. If the person is self-employed, works in a family business or has done other work, ask: "What is this person's trade or business?"

172. Write in two or three words about what kind of business or activity is carried on -- what is made or produced -- what services are provided -- what goods are sold -- what crops are grown.

173. Be precise. Avoid vague answers. Good answers, for example, are 'shoe repair', 'making furniture', 'bus company', 'retail store'. Bad answers are 'repair', 'factory', 'business', 'private enterprise', 'self-employed' -- we must know what is repaired, what the factory makes, what kind of business, what sort of private enterprise, what the self-employed makes or sells.