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35. Major product or service of establishment

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Column 35: Major Production or Service of Employing Industry

In order to fill column 35 it is important to ask the person where or in which industry he/she works and then what the organization produces, distributes /wholesale or retail trade/ or what kind of service it provides. In this column the type of product, service or trade must be recorded clearly.

The following listing shows types of products, trade or services and they have to be understood.

1. Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing
a. Cereal pulses farming
b. Vegetable and fruit farming
c. Enset cultivation
d. Coffee farm
e. Chat cultivation
f. Cattle Raising
g. Poultry farming
h. Hunting
i. Fishery

2. Mining, Quarrying
a. Stone Quarrying
b. Salt Quarrying
c. Gold Mining
d. Sand Quarrying, etc.

3. Manufacturing
a. Abutter
b. Milk and milk products production in factory
c. Food oil production
d. Sugar production
e. Textile production
f. Brewing Tella, Tej and Katikal and selling, etc. to traders

4. Electric and Gas
a. Electric light and water
b. Water works and water distribution

5. Construction
a. Building contractor
b. Electric works contractor
c. Building maintenance?etc.

6. Trade, Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Snack Bar,?,etc.
a. Foreign Trade
b. Domestic Trade
c. Retail Trade
d. Domestic Wholesale Trade
e. Hotel, Restaurant?etc.

7. Transport and Communication
a. Land and Air Transport
b. Train Transport
c. Communication, etc.

8. Finance Insurance and Commercial Service
a. Banking
b. Insurance
c. Legal service
d. Accounting and Auditing Services
e. Engineering and Consultancy Services, etc.

9. Social and Private Services
a. Government Offices and Defense
b. Educational Services
c. Health Service
d. Professional Associations

10. Recreation and Cultural Services
a. Radio and Television Services
b. Theatre Service, etc.

11. Personal and Family Services
a. Shoe Repairer
b. Electrical Equipment mender

12. International Organizations and Embassies
a. African Economic Commission
b. Organization of African Unity
c. Embassies

Based on the example mentioned above, major production or trade or service the organization where the person works in will be recorded in the space provided in column 35. Nothing will be entered in card columns 64-66.