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16. What is/was the principal activity of the establishment or premise where he/she works/worked?
If he/she is unemployed, refer to his/her last occupation. Look for it in the Table of Industries of the Attached pamphlet and note the number to which it corresponds:

Number _ _ _

If you have not found his/her activity or have doubts, write it below: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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1.D.3 Activity of the establishment

The activity of the establishment or branch of activities refers to the class of production or activity of the establishment in which the work is located of the economically active person (whether employed or unemployed and having worked before).

In the case of the workers granted permission by a company to temporary work in another, they must inform about the activity of the establishment in which they are working during the reference week.

The definitions of employment, activity of the establishment, and professional situation must have the same work as a reference. In the case of a person disposing of various jobs the information that must be collected is that in which he/she worked the greatest number of hours.

Information will be collected about this variable for the people that are 15 years or older that:

Are employed during the reference week
Are unemployed during the reference week, but have been employed at least once in the past.
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Categories of this variable:

The categories of this variable have been elaborated to be a reduced formulation of those of the CNAE-2009 to three digits, to help with the correct completion on the part of the citizens.

Given this information and other contents in the questionnaire, such as education level, information of the employment with a level of detail of 3 numeric digits can be obtained for the national level. For territorial additions (such as province or autonomous community and even for some municipalities) with sufficient population a classification of a level of 2 digits will be obtained.

The minor disaggregation of this variable corresponds with the first level of the CNAE-2009.