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Part B: Individual data

Persons six years and over
[Questions 8-11 asked of persons six years and over.]

11. Industry ____

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The main economic activity: Column number (11)
For the person less than (6) years write "under age" as for the person (6) years and over and working record in this column the type of the establishment's work regardless the nature of his work and occupation, the electric engineer and working in a cotton textile company, the economic activity for him is cotton weaving and the driver who is working in macaroni factory his economic activity is macaroni manufacturing and so on.
The person working outside the establishments the economic activity that he is working in is recorded, the agriculture worker or a farmer; the economic activity for him is recorded "agriculture" and so on.
The economic activity must be detailed, clear and fixed for example, whole sale groceries, Retail cereal trade, Soft drinks manufacturing, Shoes manufacturing
The person whose employment status "unemployed" but, previously working, the last economic activity is recorded for him that he was working before his unemployment.
The person who are not working write "unemployment".