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Educational attainment, Argentina

Codes and Frequencies

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EDUCAR indicates the person's educational attainment in Argentina in terms of the level of schooling completed.

Comparability — General

In 1993 there was an educational reform that modified the 7-5 (primary and secondary) to a 9-3 structure (general basic education and muldisciplinary). For EDUCAR, we converted the new 9-3 system to the older system that prevailed before 1993. The detailed information prior to our recoding is available in the unharmonized source variables for 2001 and 2010. In 2006, a further reform substituted the 9-3 system and allowed education jurisdictions to organize either under a 6-6 or a 7-5 structure (primary and secondary). Therefore, there are multiple educational systems reflected in the data for 2001 and 2010.

Most education levels have a category for zero years completed. These persons are coded to the highest grade of the level immediately lower than the one they reported. Persons with zero years of post-secondary completed are coded to 7+ years of secondary in every sample. In each sample they are the majority of cases in that category.

The 1970 sample did not identify persons with only a preschool education. They are included with "never attended."

The 1970 and 1980 samples distinguish various kinds of technical secondary tracks not available in the later samples.

The 1980 to 2010 samples distinguish between university and non-university post-secondary education. The non-university cases would have been classified with university in 1970.

The 2010 sample additionally identifies post-graduate studies and special education. The post-graduate cases would have been classified with university in previous samples.

The data for 1991 and 2001 are calculated from separate questions for persons currently attending and those who attended in the past. Each census was taken during the school year, so we subtracted one grade from persons who were currently enrolled in school.


  • Argentina 1970: Persons age 5+
  • Argentina 1980: Persons age 5+
  • Argentina 1991: Persons age 3+
  • Argentina 2001: Persons age 3+
  • Argentina 2010: Persons age 3+


  • Argentina: 1970, 1980, 1991, 2001, 2010