Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
AR1970A_EDATTAN Educational level P Argentina 1970
AR1970A_EDCOMP Completed the education level P Argentina 1970
AR1980A_EDLEV Highest educational level P Argentina 1980
AR1980A_EDCOMP Completed highest level of education P Argentina 1980
AR1991A_SCH Attending school P Argentina 1991
AR1991A_SCHLEV Education level attends P Argentina 1991
AR1991A_SCHGR Education grade attends P Argentina 1991
AR1991A_EDATLEV Highest education level attended P Argentina 1991
AR1991A_EDATGR Highest grade passed P Argentina 1991
AR1991A_EDATCOM Completed education level P Argentina 1991
AR2001A_EDLEVA Currently attending educational institution P Argentina 2001
AR2001A_GRADEA Grade attends P Argentina 2001
AR2001A_EDLEV Highest education level attended P Argentina 2001
AR2001A_EDLEVC Completion of the highest education level attended P Argentina 2001
AR2001A_GRADE Highest grade completed P Argentina 2001
AR2010A_EDLEV Educational level P Argentina 2010
AR2010A_LEVELSCH Completed educational level P Argentina 2010