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For persons five years old and older
[Questions 27 to 33 were asked of all people five years and older.]

In the last week or the last week that he/she worked:
[Questions 29-33 were asked of people who reported some kind of work or looking for work in the last week.]

29. To what is the business or company where [the respondent] works or worked dedicated or what does it do?

[Branch of activity] ____
For the use of INEC: Branch of activity _ _ _ _

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[Section 4]

Step 14: Continue with section 4, information about the population / D: Economic characteristics (annex, pages 41-45)

[A copy of section 4D of the census questionnaire is omitted here.]


  • Follow the sequential order of the questions.
  • Remember that the questions are for people 5 years old and older.
  • (A)The week of reference will be Sunday the 21st to Saturday the 27th of November.
  • Question 27 serves to identify people who did some activity for an income or not.
  • (B)Take into account the leaps of questions 27 and 28.
  • Question 29 is written literally, the activity of the business or company in which the interviewed person works or worked.
  • If the informant mentions having more than one job, you should register the one that he/she considers the principal one.
  • Question 30 is written very literally, what does the interviewed person do or what he/she did where he/she works/worked
  • Question 31 indicates the dependency relation that the person has in the place where he/she works.
  • Question 32 registers the total number of worked hours, at his/her principal work, in the past week or the last week that he/she worked.
  • In question 33, register if the activity that the person does is inside or outside the household.
  • If the person does more than one activity, as for example weave wool clothing in the household and leave to sell in the streets; for the registry of question 33 priority will be given to the production, therefore you will mark x in code 1 (within the home).

8. Economic characteristics

Branch of economic activity:
This is the diversification of the economic activities that allows for the classification of the establishment where the person works or worked, within a sector of the economy, according to the class of goods or services that are produced.