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For households of one to six people

____ Province
____ Municipality or municipal district
____ City (for urban areas)
____ Section (for rural areas)
____ Rural location (paraje)
____ Zone number
____ Form number
____ Control sheet number

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11.1 Title page

The geographical data needed to individualize the census form is recorded on the title page. The province and municipality or municipal district must be recorded on all forms. The name of the corresponding city, for urban areas, and the name of the section and of the rural location [paraje], for rural areas, is recorded also. "Urban areas" are considered to be the areas that correspond to the seats of municipalities or municipal districts and "rural areas" are the areas corresponding to the population of the sections of municipalities or municipal districts. The enumeration zone number, found in the List of Dwellings given to the enumerators is also recorded on the title page along with the form number assigned by the enumerator as the forms are filled out, starting with the number 1, for each zone. Also recorded on the title page is the corresponding control sheet number that is the same that is recorded in the "Enumerator's Number" box found on the control sheet and is assigned by the group leader. The complete names of the enumerator and of the group leader are also recorded on the title page. The other information requested on the title sheet, i.e. names of critic, encoder, transcriber, and evaluator as well as the spaces used for coding, will be used by the National Office of Statistics after enumeration. The upper right-hand corner of the title page contains the information relating to the number of persons fitting in the form. Therefore, before starting to use a certain form, the enumerator should carefully ask about the number of census household members in order to choose and use a census form with the appropriate capacity. If, in spite of this effort, it is discovered later that the number of census household members is other than what was previously thought, the correct procedure is to start over in a new pamphlet with the correct capacity and to simply return the unused form with the rest of the materials.