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Question 16: To which line of business does the establishment where you work belong?
Here it is important to state as precisely as possible the line of business (trade, government agency) to which the local unit belongs, e.g. machine tool plant (not machine plant), iron mill (not smelting works), retail trade in foodstuffs (not trade), elementary school (not public service), hospital (not municipal administration).

If the local unit has several departments with differing production programs (e.g., foundry and construction of road vehicles) or if it is subdivided in another way (e.g., car dealership and repair service), state the principal branch of business (main activity).

Soldiers indicate "Bundeswehr". [Federal armed forces]

For economically active persons
[Questions 15-18 were asked of economically active persons.]

16. To which line of business (branch of economic activity, government agency) does the establishment (firm, office) at which you are working belong? _______