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For persons 15 years old or more
[Questions 17-21]

17. What did you do during the week before September 7?

[] 01 Worked - Continue with question 18
[] 02 Had a job, but did not work - Continue with question 18
[] 03 Looked for work because he/she had lost his/her job
[] 04 Looked for work for the first time
[] 05 Retired or receiving a pension
[] 06 Collects rents or receives economic support
[] 07 Household chores
[] 08 Student
[] 09 Incapacitated for work
[] 10 Does not carry out any economic activity
[] 11 In the hospital, in an asylum, or recluse who does not work
[] 12 Other situation

For answers 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12: end of interview.

19. What is the name of the place where you were affiliated in this week?

b. What does the place do [literally: what is it dedicated to]?

[Question 19b was asked of persons age 15 and older who had worked or had a job during the week before September 7, per question 17.]

*Examples: Cattle ranching, clothing repairs, public food, housing services, etc.

According to the classifier _ _

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Question 19. What is the name of the place where you were affiliated in this week?

With this question we want to know the name and the work that is done in the place where the person does his/her labor activities. The question has two parts. The first refers to the place where the person works and the second is to know the basic activity of that is carried out in said place.

b. What did you do in said place?
(Examples: Cattle production, clothing repair, public food preparation, housing services, etc.)

[ _ _ ]

(according to the classifier)

You should try to write the answer declared by the interviewee on the spaces taking into account the following suggestions for part A). Answers for Part A):

You should avoid / You should write:
Workshop / Auto mechanic workshop
School / Elementary School Batalla de Guisa
Hospital / Maternity Hospital Inés Maria
Cooperative / Cooperative Vitalio Acuña

In the case of Part B) you will write, on the lines provided for this purpose, the answers given by the interviewee, but you should always clarify that it is the primary activity of the place, which may not coincide with the activity of the person.

In this question, you should leave the space that corresponds to the codification blank.

In regard to the workers who are employed provided services to Census, for question 18 and 19 the enumerator should write the habitual occupation of the person, as well as the habitual work place and the activity that the person does in the work place and not the activity of the Census.