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Only for those 12 years of age and older
[Applies to questions 12-16]

15. Industry

What does your place of work (or where you worked the last time) primarily do?
____ [4 blank lines]

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Fourth block of questions: only for persons 12 years old or more

This block of questions is formed by questions 12 to 16 and should be asked only to persons 12 years old and older. If a person that you enumerate does not meet this requirement, you should cross out the whole block with two diagonally crossed lines and go to the next person. This part has some complexity because of this it is recommended to put much care to each one of the concepts noted here. This block has as its objective gathering information about the work characteristics of the interviewed persons to attain correct information and a good understanding of the questions it is necessary that you keep in mind the following concepts:

1. Working age population
It is the group of persons 12 years old or older.
2. Work Force or Economically Active Population
It is the group of persons 12 years old or older who work, look for work.
3. Economically Inactive Population
It is the group of persons 12 years old or older who do not work and do not look for work.
4. Work
Work is understood to be a labor activity that has as its goal the production of goods and services with economic value in the market.

Question 15: Industry

The economic industry is determined by the activity of the establishment in which the person had the occupation selected as principal occupation, or worked the last time if the person is unemployed.

[Below the text is a form.]

You should ask: What is done in the place of work or where you worked last? You should write down in clear and specific terms the activity that the establishment does, what the person did; a school teacher would answer: Public Education Center, of primary education. You should avoid generic terms like "work shop", "factory", "club", "store", etc. [omitted phrase: "se trata"] [p. 56] The name of the place is of help in the description: Warehouse (Estanco) of the National Committee of Production, etc.

Below you can see the "incorrect" and "correct" forms of doing the enumeration in this case.

[Below are two columns, one marked Incorrect and one marked Correct. I am going to translate them without using two columns.]

[For the first category there is nothing in the Incorrect column]

Automobiles repair Workshop
Dental Mechanic Workshop
Taylor Workshop


Shoe factory
Woman's clothes factory
Plastic wrap factory
Cardboard box factory


Grocery store
Wholesale store
Clothing store


Food industry
Textile industry
Electronic industry
Automobile industry


Dental laboratory
Clinical laboratory
Chemical-Pharmaceutical laboratory

[Nothing in this column]

Football club
Social club
Night club


Wood warehouse
Construction materials warehouse
Liquor warehouse


Sports equipment store
Fishing equipment store
Department store (La Gloria, La Universal, El Globo, etc.)


Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Culture

If the person works for a company that manages more than one activity in which she performs the occupation written down before. When it concerns a commercial establishment, specify if it is Wholesale or Retail.