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Occupational Characteristics

Only for those 12 years of age and older [applies to questions 14 to 19]

Items 15 - 18 are only for "employed" and "unemployed"

16. Industry

Write the type of company or activity in which the person works. Examples: Orchestra, doctor's office, government ministry, plantation, law office, construction, etc.


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Occupational Characteristics

Ask these questions only to persons 12 years old or older.

This part of the form joins many interesting aspects relative to the occupation of the individuals. By means of these six questions it will be able to be known where and in what the Costa Rican population works, how many are employees, employers or exclusively students; how many women work only in the house, and much more information.

Logically to arrive at obtaining comparable information, all the enumerators should follow the norms and established definitions.

Line No. 16.- Branch of activity [Industry]

Ask this question only for the case of "Employed" and "Unemployed".

This question is intimately related to the previous, you should write down the branch of activity that corresponds to the occupation written down in it, that is to say, the type of industry, business, institution, agricultural operation, public dependence, etc., in which the person did their occupation. Write down expressions like: car repairs, shoe factory, Ministry of Government Work, local store, bar, magistrate, hospital, bank, Ministry of Health, shoe store, pharmacy, etc. Here also you should avoid generic terms such as: workshop, factory, government, commercial establishment, etc., which say nothing about what is wanted to be known.

When it concerns a commercial establishment, specify if it is "Wholesale" or "Retail".

If a person works for a company that manages more than one activity, write down the one that you are informed is most important.