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C. Economic characteristics (For persons 10 years old or more)
[Applies to questions 14 - 19]

16. What is the principal economic function of the business, factory, or agricultural business where you worked? ____

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Section C. Economic characteristics

This section should be filled out only for persons 10 years old or older.
[Applies to questions 14 - 19]

Question No. 16. Activity of the company

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Fill out this question for persons 10 years old or older who belong in the alternatives 1, 2 or 3 of question 14.

Write down clearly and without writing in the shaded space, the activity of the business, factory, exploitation, or establishment in which a person did their principal job, craft or profession.

To fill out this question correctly take into account the following criteria:

If the company where a person works their principal occupation has many branches, agencies or establishments that do different activities that which the establishment does where the person works will be written down. So, if someone worked in the store of a company that produces dresses, "wholesale commerce of dresses" will be written down.

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If an establishment does many activities, write down only the principal activity.

Do not accept vague responses like "exploitation", "business", "company", "factory", "agency", or simply write down the name of a product or company. When they give you this type of response ask for more details.

Examples of correct responses are: livestock worker, exploitation of sugar cane, coal mine, wooden furniture factory, retail furniture commerce, passenger transportation.