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Persons aged 15 and above
[Applies to questions VIII - XI]

VIII. Industry

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8. Industry. People who are fully 15 years old or above with an occupation should declare the industry he/she is engaged in. The working population refers to those who derive an income from a certain kind of social labor or business. China's employment policy is one of [pg. 24] "combining employment through the introduction of labor department, employment through voluntary organization, and self -employment under the state's overall planning and guidance". Anybody who gets a job through any of the three means, whether he/she is employed in a unit of the state or collective ownership or self-employed and whether the job is a regular or a temporary one, should be considered as employed persons. They include:

(1) Those people who hold a regular job at the census reference time. They may be working at their posts, being away from work due to illness or injury, away on holiday, temporarily recuperating, doing temporary study, undergoing labor-reform, or being temporarily prevented from working as a result of bad weather, technical trouble, seasonal work stoppage or enterprise readjustment, However, they do not include such person who left work to study full time at institutions of higher learning, radio and television universities. Retired workers and staff who still participate in social labor one month before the reference time and earn an extra income which together with his/her pension makes up to 100% of the original pay should be regarded as working people. Retired cadres should circle number 6 "retired or resigned" under the topic of non-working people.

(2) Those who do not have a regular job. Anyone with a temporary job on June 30th, 1982, and have participated in social labor for an accumulative period of 16 days in June should be regarded as employed. Their occupations may be qualified with the word "temporary" when filling in the form. For example, temporary bricklayers, etc.

Under the topic of industry, employees should fill in the full name of his/her establishment (including private ones). The name of the establishment should be an independent accounting unit whether of state ownership or collective ownership. When referring to a state-owned complex or large scale factory/mine (e.g. a company, an associated plant etc.), the name of the secondary unit (e.g. a factory, an affiliated factory etc.) should be made clear. For instance, X X Iron Works of X X Iron and Steel Company, X X Poultry/Eggs Department of X X Agriculture-Industry-Commerce Joint Enterprise. For commune members, the industry should be recorded as: X X Agricultural Production Team, X X Forestry Production Team and X X Animal Husbandry Production Team. Self-employed laborer should put down the same name marked on their signboard, e.g. "Wang's Teahouse". If there is not a signboard, the form should be filled in with the business they are engaging in, e.g. "private teastand", "private vegetable [pg. 25] vendor", etc. In the case of an individual or an enterprise doing two or more kinds of work concurrently, the work on which most of the time is spent is accepted as the industry.