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Economic activity for persons aged 6 years and above
[Questions 27 to 33 were asked of persons aged 6 years and older.]

33. Line of business
In what industry, business or service is the person working? _ _ _

[Question 33 was asked of persons aged 6 years and older who reported working in the last 7 days, per Question 28.]
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Questions (Questions 27-33) related to the economic activity are only ask to people 6 years old and older

33. Business sector
The business sector corresponds to the establishment or the firm where the person worked for the 7 days before the visit from the surveying agent in the household. It is also about the people without work already having worked (code 02 of Q28), of the last business sector in which they worked.

Q. What does the enterprise in which you/ ______ work or worked?

-Legibly write the business sector declared on the corresponding dotted line.
-For salaried individuals, clearly write the name of the firm, company, the employer, or the service of the surveyed person.

[Examples omitted]

Attention: In certain situations, a domestic or house servant (cook, chauffeur, gardener, etc) can be in the service of a high level individual (Governors, Director of a semipublic or private company, President of the Administrative Counsel, Prefect, Sub prefect/District Head or all other high positions of the State) all while being paid by the employer or company which employees this high level individual. In this case, the person is not a household employee, but a salaried employee of that employer or of that company. For the category of this personnel, mark the name of the employer or the company.

[Examples omitted]

For salaried individuals of the public administration and of public administrative establishments, mark the name of the Minister or of the establishment for which the person worked.

[Example omitted]

For the Health and Social action sectors, do not mark the name of the health facility or the establishment. Instead, reference the following terms.

Example 4:
-Hospital activities for people working or having worked in a health facility (hospital, health center, etc)
-Medical or dental practice (dentist's office, doctor's office, etc)
-Activities of a traditional healer
-Activities of GIC Health for people working or having worked a communal health interest group
-Activities for human health not otherwise classified
-Veterinary activities for people working or having worked on animal health (veterinary pharmacies, veterinary clinics,?)
-Social action for people working or having worked in orphanages, community center for children or distressed individuals, boarding house (nursing home, etc)

NB. This is regarding the current businesses sector for the people who worked during the seven days before the survey agent's visit to the household, and the last business sector for people without work but who have already worked.

-Do not mark vague descriptions like "Ets BABA". Insist to find out what the BABA establishment does specifically.