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For all individuals 12 years of age and older. [applies to questions 15-18]

17. Industry ____

Only for those Employed and Unemployed.

Specify clearly the type of establishment in which the employed person works or, if unemployed, the last place of employment, such as:

Boys' school, wool blanket factory, commercial bank, general store, nail factory, livestock ranch, children's hospital, postal and telegraph office, armed forces, police, etc.

Avoid vague terms such as: factory, office, workshop, etc.

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Column 17: Industry. Industry means the type of business, establishment, office, organization, company, institution, etc., where the person practices the previously-mentioned occupation.

Write down this information only for those who have an occupation recorded in the previous column (Column 16) and who belong to either group "OC" (Employed) or "CE" (Unemployed).

As in the case of occupation, try to record as specifically as possible, avoiding unclear terms, the type of establishment in which the person works or worked (if unemployed). So avoid terms like workshop, office, store, factory, business, etc., and instead specify in the following way: shoe factory, radio repair shop, electronics warehouse, carpet store, air transport company, etc.

Avoid using terms that specify only the name of the establishment, like "La Violeta" factory, "Casa FĂ©nix", etc.

If the person is a fiscal, semifiscal, municipal, or public service employee, on the other hand, record the proper name of the ministerial division, government agency, office, or service in which the person being enumerated practices their profession.

If a person practices the same profession in more than one business or industry, the type of establishment from which greater compensation is received should be recorded. For example, in the case of a commercial accountant who does the books for a glass factory, a store, and a transportation company, receiving the greatest income from the glass factory, this [the glass factory] should be recorded as the industry.

If the person practices their profession in a company that carries out two or more different industrial activities, the industrial activity to which the person is directly tied should be recorded, as long as this is a main, not a secondary, activity. [p. 40] For example, in the case of a company that has a refrigerator and a furniture factory, an employee's industry should be recorded as refrigerator factory or furniture factory, depending on whether the employee works in the first or second of these.

For domestic workers, "family house" or "community house" should be recorded.