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23. Answer questions 24 to 51 for each person aged 15 and over.

Remember, these questions are only for persons aged 15 and over.
Note: Questions 40 to 48 refer to this person's job or business last week. If this person held no job last week, answer for the job of longest duration since January 1, 2000. If this person held more than one job last week, answer for the job at which he/she worked the most hours.
[Questions 40-50 were asked of persons who have worked for pay after 2000, per question 39.]
40. For whom did this person work?

For self-employed persons, enter the name of their business. If the business does not have a name, enter the person's name.
Name of firm, government agency, etc. ________
Section, plant, department, etc. (if applicable) ________

41. What kind of business, industry or service was this?
Please be specific. For example: road maintenance, secondary school, municipal police, wheat farm, retail shoe store, temporary help agency, full-service garage, trapping.
Kind of business, industry or service ________
_ _ _ _

42. What was this person's work or occupation?
Please be specific. For example: legal secretary, plumber, fishing guide, wood furniture assembler, restaurant manager, secondary school teacher. (If in the Armed Forces, give rank.)
Occupation ________

43. In this work, what were this person's main activities?
Please give details. For example: prepared legal documents, installed residential plumbing, guided fishing parties, made wood furniture products, managed operations of a restaurant, taught mathematics.
Main activities ________
_ _ _ _

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Question 40 -- Name of employer

For persons aged 15 and over whose wages are paid by an agency that hires out their services, report the name of the agency.
For persons 15 and over who work as employees in someone's home (for example, nannies), report the name of the family worked for, then report private household.

Question 41 -- Kind of business

Describe the type of business in detail. For example - rather than: auto parts; furniture; school; aluminum; police; importing. A more complete response would be: automotive brake linings manufacturing; retail household furniture and appliance store; secondary school; aluminum rolling and casting; municipal police department; stuffed toys importing.