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[Questions 22-40 were asked of persons age 15+, per question 21.]

Questions 33-38 refer to your job or business last week. If none, answer for your job of longest duration since January 1, 1970.
[Questions 33-38 were asked of persons 15+ who worked in 1970 or 1971, per question 32.]

35. Industry: What kind of business, industry or service was this?

Give full description e.g. paper-box manufacturing, road construction, retail shoe store ____

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33 to 38.
If you had a job last week, answer these questions for your job last week even if you were absent from work because of temporary lay-off, illness, vacation, labour dispute, training courses, etc.
Answer the questions for the same job. If you had more than one job last week, give information for the one at which you worked the most hours.
If you had no job or business last week (with or without pay), give the information for your job of longest duration since January 1, 1970.

35. Write a complete description of the business, industry, or service in which the employer, named in Question 34, is mainly engaged. Usually more than one word is required. Indicate the general nature of the business by using such terms as manufacturing, service, wholesale, retail, etc. Indicate the commodity or service by such words as paper, grocery, clothing, hospital. Some examples of complete and incomplete entries are given below:


Golf club
Electrical appliance repair shop
Lumber wholesale
Retail gasoline station
Municipal waterworks


Electrical work
Lumber company
Oil company
Public utility