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Form 2H: Personal Questionnaire
If the respondent had two or more places of employment, questions 17.1-17.4 should refer to the place of employment which he/she considers the main.
[After responding to questions 17.1-17.4, skip question 18.]
17.2 What type of products produced or services rendered does the company (employer) you have been employed with? (For individual entrepreneurs -- kind of activity)
Please provide the detailed answer. ____
Indicate full name of the organization (employer) or its unit you have been employed. ____
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Questions 17.1 -- 17.4 relate to the employment which is considered by the respondent as his/her main job.
If the respondent had more than one job, and finds difficult to determine the main one, it should be noted that the main job is the job where the respondent's work record card is kept, or the greatest number of hours is worked, or the highest income is earned;
33.16. In the answer to question 17.2. "What main products does produce (or what services does provide) the company (employer) you were employed by?" a particular type of products produced or services provided by the company (employer) is to be specified, no matter what type of work was performed by the respondent. For example, "production of canned meats", "auto service", "repair of household goods."

If the respondent carried out entrepreneurial activities as a sole proprietor, (hereinafter: individual entrepreneur), the full name of the activity he/she was engaged in should be recorded, for example: "headwear production", "photographic activities", "taxi operation", "hairdressing", etc. In this case, not the name of organization, but "individual entrepreneur" should be entered.

For respondents who are employees of government authorities (ministries, state committees and local offices thereof) and executive-administrative bodies, the answer "general government" should be completed.

For respondents engaged in personal subsidiary plots, the products produced should be completed, for example: "growing of crops" or "farming of animals", or "growing of crops combined with farming of animals" and under the name of organization the "personal subsidiary plot" should be entered.

For ministers of church and persons practicing a religion, "religious services" should be entered. For respondents employed by religious organizations, particular products or services of those organizations should be completed, for example: "publishing of newspapers, magazines".

For respondents engaged in paid household services (e.g., nanny, cook, etc.), "Private households with employed persons" should be completed. The name of organization in this case is not to be completed; instead the "private household" should be entered.
The name of the organization by which the respondent was employed is to be recorded in full, except for generally accepted abbreviations of organizational legal forms, such as OAO (JSC), ??? (CJSC), ??? (LLC), etc. For example, it should be recorded: OAO Minsk Bearing Plant, OOO restaurant "Vernissage" (not accepted: OAO MBP, OOO "Vernissage", respectively).

If the respondent worked in a structural subdivision of the organization, the full name of the structural subdivision should be completed. For example, it should be recorded: branch of OAO Volt, shop of OAO Motovelo, wood-working shop of the agricultural production cooperative Rassvet (not accepted: OAO Volt, OAO Motovelo, OAO APC Rassvet, respectively);