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Fertility and child survival -- females

A27. How many children have been born (include those who have died) alive by [the person]?

_ _ Males
_ _ Females
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Questions A27 - A30 must be completed for all females aged 12 years and over, regardless of their marital status and their relationship to the head of household. For males of any age and females under 12 years of age, enter a dash in these columns. For young girls (e.g. 12-15 years old) who are still living at home with their parents, this question may be considered rather personal. Take care how you ask the question.

117. Column A27: Children born alive

Q: How many children have been born alive by[the person]?

In column A27 you must record (as a two-digit code) the total number of children ever born alive to the woman/girl. Children born alive are those children who cried at least once after birth. All other births are stillbirths. Remember to include all those children who have died, but do not include stillbirths. When recording, you must always ensure that the total number of male children ever born to a woman in A27 equals to those living with the mother (in A28) plus those living elsewhere (in A29) and those dead (in A30). Similarly the sum of females in A28 and A29 and A30 should sum to females in A27.

121. Check that the number of male children and female children entered in column A27 is the sum of the male and female children respectively entered in columns A28, A29, and A30. Reconcile any differences with the respondent before leaving the household.

Remember that the codes in columns A27 - A30 are all two-digit codes. In most cases you must therefore remember to put a zero in front, e.g. 2 children would be coded as 02.

If a woman has never had a live birth, enter 00 in all the columns. Never leave any column blank. If a woman has children in only one or two categories, insert the figures in the appropriate columns and enter 00 in the remaining column(s).

If unknown, enter 99 and explain in the comments box.