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(Questions 13 through 14 were asked of all present residents, persons aged 12 years and over)

15. What was the main product, service/activity of (the person)'s place of work?

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Column [P15] industry
The industry identifies the kind of product or service produced by the worker and his fellow workers. This is distinct from the person's own job, which is his occupation. You will very often discover a person's industry by asking who employs him and what kind of articles [or services] are produced by his employer. [For example, a man may be a clerk and employed by a farmer, his occupation is 'Clerk' and his industry is 'Farming']. If the same person was employed by a mining company his occupation stays the same as Clerk, but his industry should be recorded as 'Mining'. Similarly for a clerk employed by a Council, you should write the name of the Council for his industry, for a clerk employed by the Government the name of the Department or Ministry. If you cannot establish the articles or services produced by the employers, write the name of the employers.