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Only for those who marked one of the choices in part A in the previous question (15).
[Applies to questions 16-18.]

17. What does the establishment where you work (or worked if unemployed) produce or do? For example: Tin mine, shoe manufacture, Ministry of health, farm, retail sales, etc.

____ Specify activity of the establishment [a 4-digit blank box also appears in this item]

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Question 17. What does the place where you work (or worked if the person is unemployed) produce or what activity is it devoted to?

Here you should record what the place where the person works, or last worked if the person is unemployed, is devoted to or what it principally produces. [p. 46] When the establishment does more than one thing, record the most important.

If the answer that the informant gives is imprecise, investigate in more detail.

Examples of incorrect and correct ways of recording the establishment's activity are given below.

Incorrect recording: Agriculture
Correct recording: Growing cereal grains, growing vegetables, growing fruit, growing potatoes

Incorrect recording: Raising animals
Correct recording: Cattle raising, dairy livestock raising, sheep raising, llama raising

Incorrect recording: Mineral and metal extraction
Correct recording: Extraction of iron minerals, extraction of tin minerals, extraction of minerals to manufacture fertilizer and chemical products

Incorrect recording: Food production
Correct recording: Producing and preserving fish, producing and preserving fruit, producing non-alcoholic beverages

Incorrect recording: Textile manufacturing
Correct recording: Preparation and spinning of textile fibers, textile product finishing, tapestry and rug factory, knitted and crocheted fabrics and articles factory

Incorrect recording: Leather articles factory
Correct recording: Suitcase manufacturing, shoe manufacturing, jacket manufacturing

Incorrect recording: Wood products factory
Correct recording: Manufacturing sheets of wood, manufacturing of carpentry parts and pieces, furniture manufacturing, door and window manufacturing

[p. 47]

Incorrect recording: Construction
Correct recording: Building construction, civil engineering work